The Negative Effects Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Modern Society

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Professional baseball players have been idolized since its introduction into society. Men like George (Babe) Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Lou Gehrig have been viewed as role models who possess superhuman traits. This view has been tainted by one simple factor in modern society. Performance-enhancing drugs have spurred a large epidemic of abuse and illegal use which has women into the fabric of our most beloved pastime. These drugs have now taken away the beauty and glory of natural talent and hard work. Fans and sports enthusiasts now question whether a player is their hero or a common fraud. The game people have come to love will never be the same.
On a very basic understanding “[s]teroids are synthetic versions of testosterone, a male hormone.”
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In common terms PED’s alter the human body at a biological level, increasing athletic performance. (Effects, 1-2) The drugs used do not come at no cost to a user, many harmful side effects come along. From a mental aspect the drugs increase aggressiveness and sexual drive, commonly causing abnormal sexual and criminal behavior. (Effects, 3) On a physical level, performance- enhancing drugs cause acne, male baldness, liver damage, and stunted growth. (Effects, 2) Effects are not always the same, regarding genders, side effects can differ from male to female. Female users can experience a deepening of the voice, ceasing of breast development, growth of hair on face and body, and abnormal menstrual cycle. Males can experience development of breast tissue, the shrinking of testicles, and reduction in sperm production. (Effects, 3) These are not myths that could happen, but are an often occurrence in drug use and abuse. “These drugs can be extremely dangerous and, in certain situations, deadly.” (Effects, 2) After extensive use withdrawal from anabolic steroid use can cause depression which often leads to suicide. This creates not only a physical, but mental need for the drugs, feeding the addiction in both …show more content…
Baseball testing destroys almost all drug-testing data, even if identification wasn’t included and substances that trigger positive results are not even names in records. (Verducci 2) If testing cannot be done efficiently and consistently, then it needs to be handled by proffesionals. A very bad practice was atletic trainers, who supplied drugs to players, being given complete acess to all clubhouse facilities. (Verducci 3) The entire scandal could have taken a blow if this was cut off. This also allowed players to be notified in advance of their test date in order to get themselves clean. (Verducci 2) Performance-enhancing drugs may be banned from baseball, but players get caught up in the hype of their positive effects. They are taken to develop bigger muscles and increase strenght and endurance allowing for taining more often, because of faster recovery. (Ringer et al 92) All obvious aspects which baseball players could utilize to perfect their play. It would lure in even the most trustworthy of

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