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  • Essay On Trace Evidence

    Charles Lindbergh Jr is the son of the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh that flew from New York to Le Bourget air field in Paris the next day. When Charles Lindbergh Jr was kidnapped a ransom note was sent to the Lindbergh’s requesting 50,000 dollars for the safe return of their son. The Lindbergh’s went against the kidnapper and contacted the police which increased the ransom to 70,000 dollars. The ransom was paid but Lindbergh Jr was never returned, until sometime later the twenty month olds body was found. The police confronted the suspect, which name was Bruno Hauptmann. After the search of his house 14,000 dollars was found in his garage claiming that it was a friends large sum of money he was holding for them. Further research proved that his handwriting matched that to the ransom note, and trace wood fibers were found that matched up to the ladder that was made to take the twenty month old from his home. Bruno Hauptman was later executed in 1936 by electrocution. Trace Evidence can be the key information to solving a crime from murder to kidnapping all the way to burglaries. Most criminals when committing a crime are worried about physical evidence, but a lot of criminals forget about trace evidence which ultimately results in their apprehension. Trace Evidence can sometimes not always be found on some surfaces. From a study done on Developing Latent Fingerprints on Firearm Evidence it shows statistics were taken from a Minneapolis police department in a…

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  • Essay On Lindbergh Kidnapping

    Lindbergh identified the body as that of their missing child. Two years following the crime, one of the ransom bills was used to purchase gasoline and the police apprehended Bruno Richard Hauptmann. The trial began on January 2, 1935 and ended with the execution of Bruno Richard Hauptmann on April 3, 1936. As a result of the Lindbergh kidnapping, Congress passed the Federal Kidnapping Law, influencing the Federal…

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  • Case Summary: The Lindbergh Baby

    there was a lot of media on this case. The police had zeroed in on a suspect and had sufficient circumstantial evidence to arrest Bruno Richard Hauptman. According to Linder (2005), he was arrested and in January of 1935 he stood in front of Judge Thomas Trenchard. The prosecutors began the trial with a summary of how Hauptman conducted the crime. This is where they believe he went down the ladder with the child and the ladder collapsed killing the baby instantaneously. The prosecution called…

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  • Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Study

    The Mystery Surrounding the Lindbergh Kidnapping Every 40 seconds child is abducted in the U.S. March 1st, 1932 Charles Lindbergh Jr. was taken from his home without anything but a ransom letter left behind. Attracting the attention of even Al Capone who, while in prison, offered his help in exchange for a sentence reduction. This kidnapping has gone down in history as one of the most monumental investigations in the U.S, this case had gotten so much publicity then a law had been named after…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Technical Democracy By Michel Callon

    The book, acting in an uncertain world: an essay on technical democracy examines the limits of liberal and deliberative democracies with growing technological society and also proposes solutions for the uncertainties prevailing because of them. Michel Callon, one of the authors is a main scholarly driving force of the book. He is well reputed French Sociologist and friend and colleague of Bruno Latour, but inclined toward more applied and less abstract approach than him. It mainly focuses on the…

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  • Bettelheim's Methods To Discipline Their Children

    I believe that encouraging children to analyze and mend their wrongdoing is an effective strategy because it allows them to see and understand the mistake that they make. I disagree with Bettelheim when he enlightens the parents that punishing their offsprings for their wrongdoing does not discourage them from committing the same mischief because I believe that the physical pain that the offsprings experience can force them to rethink their habits. I choose this piece for my research paper…

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  • Jean Fahnestock's Accommodating Science

    audience. She retains from using the symbols used in the original report and decides to replace them with the results, increasing the significance of the subject manner. She forgets about mentioning anything else as she sees that it will confuse her audience if she were to provide the complex information, so she fulfills her epideictic purpose to marvel her readers that getting a false positive is just 1.98 percent where getting a positive identification is 98.3 percent. She convinces her…

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  • Fairy Tales Analysis

    novels. They were a fun way to hear about the mighty knight defeating the dragon to meet the gorgeous princess who was so cruelly locked away. With the thought of telling fairy tales were only for children, film industries are transforming the fairy tale into a realm away from children. While watching these fairy tales transformed into new exciting outlooks the question arise; why do we continue to tell fairy tales? Fairy tales continue to be told because they are entertainment, lessons to be…

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  • Summary: The Classic Fairy Tales

    The psychoanalytical theory focuses on psychological concepts and applies these concepts to elements in the fairy tale. The Oedipus complex is the psychoanalytic theory that a child has an unconscious desire to have a sexual relationship with the parent of the opposite sex. In his book, The Uses of Enchantment, Bruno Bettleheim suggests that fairy tales, especially “Beauty and the Beast”, help children understand his or her “oedipal difficulties” (Uses of Enchantment, 307) and offer them hope…

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  • Narrative Essay On Lindbergh Kidnapping

    years ago. Bruno Richard Hauptmann Was arrested and Executed by the electric chair because they found 14,000 dollars of the ransom money in his garage as well as a small handgun. Personally I think that Bruno Richard Hauptmann was part of the kidnaping but didn't kill the baby. If you think of all that happened that couldn't of been one person scouting out the house and knowing when they were going to be home. Especially how did he know that that was the only window in the house that didn't…

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