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  • Liquefied Natural Gas Case Analysis

    Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to establish an LNG refinery and export center in Brownsville, Texas. Throughout the process, several citizens – as well as business entities and city councils, have voiced their opposition or support of the facility. Statement of the Problem Inadequate representation The FERC is responsible for providing public hearing meeting for each new facility application received, of which 10 different LNG companies applied to build a distribution center in Brownsville, TX. However, the FERC did not hold a meeting for each application, but rather grouped the sessions into three meetings spread across various locations. As a result,…

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  • Brownsville Museum Reaction Paper

    On Saturday, November 18, 2016, I visited the Rio Grande Valley Commemorative Air Force Museum (or just CAFM) in Brownsville, Texas. It is located on Minnesota Road by the SPI/Brownsville International Airport. Although this museum resides a few streets away from my home, I never visited before. Therefore, I gave the place a shot in impressing my brother and I. Admission costs $6 for adults, $5 for seniors 55+, $3 for kids 12-18, and FREE for kids 11 and under. The museum was…

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  • Comparison Of Male Characters In Oscar Casares Brownsville

    Within the stories of Oscar Casares’ Brownsville, the male characters demonstrate machismo characteristics toward other people. In “Mr. Z,” Mr. Z displays his prideful behavior toward Diego to assert and obtain a sense of dominance and respect. While in “RG”, RG demonstrates profound pridefulness and insecurity after his Anglo neighbor took his hammer. Within, “Big Jesse, Little Jesse,” Jesse displays his insecurity based on how he views his son’s disability. Thus, revealing his prideful persona…

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  • Summary Of Patriarchal Relationships In Oscar Casares Brownsville

    “Yolanda” and “Mrs. Perez,” the two chapters in Oscar Casares’ Brownsville, present a distinct perspective on the machismo persona of Mexican-American men along with its negative impact on male/female relationships. Frank and Agustin, the entitled characters’ husbands, dictate their wives’ decisions by subjecting them to patriarchal beliefs rather than allowing them to be independent in their decisions. Patriarchal relationships create men as the center of relationships, which enforces control…

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  • Violence In Brooklyn

    In reference to the Census Bureau, in 2010 Brooklyn population was 2,504,700 and in 2014, 2,621,793. The change in population of Brooklyn from 2010 to 2014 is estimated to have enlarged at about 117,093 residents, a 4.7% increase. As the population grows there is an increase in limited living space. Located in Brooklyn, Brownsville is a part of the Brooklyn community district 16. The community health profile as of 2015, in Brownsville alone the total population is 86,377. The black population…

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  • Hell On Earth Analysis

    Brownsville, Brooklyn is not fair. Murder capital of NYC. 40% of our tenants live under the poverty line, 30+ years serving as Brooklyn’s lead example of an active urban war zone, an inevitably steady barrage of violence that punctuates all idle hours, and a constant over abundance of police officers, cars and helicopters that are flat out 2016. There’s no coincidence many Nas, Jay Z, and even Mobb Deep classics are still audibly relevant in content as you casually dodge 10…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Special Education

    Some children don’t come out completely healthy, and those children need special help in their education. Don’t you wish to be that person that helps children mentally, emotionally,with their physical and learning disability? You want to be able to teach them and help them. Special education is an inspiring career and at The University of Texas at Brownsville has the program that will best prepare you to teach special education students. “Special education teachers work with individuals who have…

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  • Middle School Reflection

    Holmes Elementary was a Black school, which helped me transition into Brownsville, a predominately Black school. One hundred and one students from several places received the invitation to participate in the Brownsville Middle School Magnet program. Of course, I did not get an invitation. I was thrust into that station with good reason and a glad heart. Thanks to Mrs. Rivers, I would have a chance at a normal life free of bullying, right? I had the time of my life for the semester that I went to…

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  • Diana Bryant

    On a sunny and windy day at Brownsville, Texas, Mrs. Diana Bryant, a geography teacher at Brownsville Early College High School executes her job and shares her knowledge as if it was the last day of her life, always with a positive attitude and a warm smile. Mrs. Bryant starts her day as usual; preparing a teaching schedule, having the materials needed to teach her subject, but most importantly she manages to create a learning ambiance of education, comfort, and entertainment where her students…

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  • Homelessness In Schools Essay

    right school can provide routine, nourishment and the guiding of responsible adults”. Although many families face many barriers to accessing childcare, having a safe and stable childcare arrangement allows parents to work on resolving their homelessness. Having access to child care for children who are not school-aged offers a safe setting for these young children to learn and grow. Steps to Success I accepts vouchers issued by HRA and ACS, however, they are not mandated to do so by any…

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