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  • Essay On Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge and modernization of New York City Since Brooklyn Bridge was completed in the 19th century, it had been an iconic feature of the New York City. Being not only a bridge that connected Manhattan and Brooklyn for transportation convenience, Brooklyn Bridge had also become one of the greatest landmarks of New York City, even the U.S.A. To be honest, it is Brooklyn Bridge that contributes a lot to the development of the New York City and is the witness to the modernization of the New York City as well. First of all, Brooklyn Bridge itself is a monumental achievement that reflected a new industrial era of technological progress. The design for the bridge first emerged from John Roebling, a great engineer as well as a pioneering genius. Starting from 1869, the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge was innovative due to the incorporation of a unique suspension design by strong steel cables and stable caissons. In details, Roebling used steel cable to design a suspension bridge to replace the rigid chains and rods previously…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Couleurs Du Monde

    The first tier of target segment for “Couleurs du Monde” focuses on the 18-29 age range, with an income of $30, 000-$50,000 living in and outside of the Williamsburg area. The second tier are individuals between 30-44 age range with an income in the range of $40,000-$80,000, living in and outside of Williamsburg and in the surrounding boroughs. The final tier is 45 and over with an income in the range of $55,000-$90,000 in the surrounding boroughs of New York. Williamsburg is located in the…

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  • Abortion In Saturday Night Fever

    Saturday Night Fever, the iconic 1970’s disco film is really a tale of two cities, Manhattan and Brooklyn. It’s a depiction of people trying to break out of dead end lives. While both Manhattan and Brooklyn are a part of New York City, in the 1970’s they were worlds apart. Manhattan was White Collar while Brooklyn was blue collar. Manhattan was a borough full of hopes and dream while Brooklyn, the setting of the film, was the home of broken dreams. The characters in Saturday Nigh Fever, most…

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  • The Impact Of Gentrification On Small Business

    issue, when arguments are powered by feelings and incidents on which to happen are supposedly improving the people in the community. As big businesses move into an area that was normally populated by small businesses, the mom and pop shops are flat-out disappearing one by one. Thus, relocating into a new area is challenging for a store owner since they 're founded on a low-income community. These questions have been wrestling through my thoughts as I investigate more on gentrification, are…

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  • Park Slope Case Study

    Park Slope is neighborhood in Brooklyn that has become know as “highly desirable.” Park Slope is known for its historic buildings, shops that line Fifth and Seventh Avenues, bars and its proximity to Prospect Park. Around the 60’s and 70’s many of Park Slopes historic brownstones were cleaned up along with the rest of the neighborhood but before this Park Slope was a rough working-class neighborhood. Many neighborhoods, including Park Slope, are going through the process of gentrification. While…

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  • Hell On Earth Analysis

    Brownsville, Brooklyn is not fair. Murder capital of NYC. 40% of our tenants live under the poverty line, 30+ years serving as Brooklyn’s lead example of an active urban war zone, an inevitably steady barrage of violence that punctuates all idle hours, and a constant over abundance of police officers, cars and helicopters that are flat out 2016. There’s no coincidence many Nas, Jay Z, and even Mobb Deep classics are still audibly relevant in content as you casually dodge 10…

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  • Derrick Rose Short Story

    Imagine being trapped, living in the inner city, surrounded by people from every walk of life, from the hoodlums living in next door, to the Jewish people walking to church on Saturdays. Imagine experiencing watching dealers hustle contraband on nearly every street corner; Fights are an every day occurrences on these streets, robberies are a dime-a-dozen. This is all you’ve ever come to know; you were born in to this life, and shaped by the streets. This is the story of Derrick Rose growing up…

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  • Weeksville Research Paper

    To begin with, Weeksville is a neighborhood that resided in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights, Brooklyn in 1838, but was originally located on Native American trial. It was named after a man called James Weeks who purchased some land. James Weeks were once a slave but was freed because slavery had ended in 1827 due to the fact gradual emancipation in New York on July 4th, 1827. This land was settled by African Americans after slavery abolished in New York in 1827 and grew during and after the…

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  • A Tale Of Two Globals: Pupusas And Red Hooks Analysis

    Red Hook since the 1970s, but only gained massive attention during the recent years. Their rise to fame could be attributed to local wikis and blogs, who discussed how delicious, cheap, and authentic their food was. Some bloggers like Allison Bojarski on admired not only the authenticity of the food but also the authenticity of the neighborhood regarding the “out-of-the-way corner of Brooklyn" and "hardscrabble housing projects" and artists. Essentially, foodies shaped Red Hook’s…

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  • Sharon Zukin's Why Harlem Is Not A Ghetto

    the neighborhood. Undeniably, the cultural change that Bensonhurst has experienced is changing the neighborhood for the better or worse. Thus, former residents should not reject the change and similarly, new residents should not full-heartedly accept the changes and deny Bensonhurst of its historical authenticity. Residents should instead strive to maintain and gain awareness about the former authenticity related to its historical origins and new authenticity related to its new beginning so that…

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