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Now 50p - equivalent to three quarters of a packet of 'Trebor Extra Strong Mints. '
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Our newsagents are the hub of news in the UK and furthermore when the sun rises over the horizon a new day commences. No this is not another odious 'Premier Inn advert, 'it 's a wonderful, wonderful life... ' Although, I 'm sure 'the New Day ' would glow over the horizon at the optimism; I 'm referring to the newest kid on the newsagent 's block: 'The New Day. ' It has been in print for over a fortnight now and I 've been excited at the prospect of sniffing new print; in addition to perusing extra literature in newspaper format. There is only so much clicking of dynamic-text a human being should do, and I 've a notion 'the New Day ' recognises
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Possibly a symptom of austere measures across the spectrum; austere does profound things in societal terms in regards to 'choice, ' even for the affluent. Choice was renown to be an axiom for luxury, not apparent if the choice (s) of brands, newspapers, retailers are grinded down to bite-size projects and the conglomerates are monopolising all markets. Western governance actually encourages these operations and ironically calls it 'having a greater choice. ' On a personal note, l tend to do an 'involuntary appraisal ' on new products I try out; 'The New Day ' is no different. We all do it! Some do it subconsciously others don 't. Thus, I 'm fair enough to let the newcomer freshness of 'The New Day ' to fade somewhat. Overall, I don 't let my glee of purchasing a newspaper for 50p (and it 's stapled together) to get in the way of the quality of content. Ye-s, 'all ' seems to be dulled down. I 'm in hope that after a while, 'The New Day ' will scrap their peculiar mantra of 'life is short, lets live it well ' - yep, (too close to the 'Live Young ' Evian slogan in my view). I took the opportunity to 'click ' search 'The New Day 's ' web presence, only to find Alison Phillips 's (Editor) tweet stating on February 29th 2016: 'optimism, it 's the new cynicism you know. ' If my life was short, I 'd reply happily: 'cynicism, it 's the new positive …show more content…
Alison Phillips (Editor) comprehends this trend and has moved towards it like a moth to a nightlight; 'the New Day ' has 'Facebook ' and 'Twitter ' accounts to heavily draw in a movement; not just a newspaper. Women are the biggest purchasers of merchandise across the spectrum, especially paper-orientated products. About five years ago I had a lengthily conversation with an influential 'Business Angel ' who laid out the pathway to a successful enterprise. I unusually was quiet and I listened intently to his future prophecies, he stated: 'websites are not the future; social media outlets for businesses are ' - 'by not doing enough 'tweets ' or social updates would leave you out in the cold in a business sense; worse still, your competitors will notice this quicker than you, they 'll be a step ahead. ' Now down the pathway five years on, business marketing streams are morphing into our lives protrusively - a necessary malevolent of super-capitalism; whether or not you 're for it or against it. For me, 'the New Day ' as a valid source of information, it 's insufficient and plays to the rule of oversimplification. The weather map at the back of the paper reminds me of children playing magnetic letters on a fridge; ultimately it sums up the

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