Privacy In Dorothy Nixon's 'Gone With The Window'

I want my Privacy
In decades, there have been many advances in the technology industry. Undoubtfully, one of the important advances has been the internet. In "Job Candidates and Facebook ", Wei Du writes about the best-qualified candidate for the position. Information people put on social networking sites can easily be found by anybody worldwide. In "Gone with the Window," Dorothy Nixon focuses more on the personal vs. the business side, how social media can reveal too much about a person 's life. Both authors suggest people need to be more careful in what they say and put online. Du writes from a business perspective and Nixon writes from a personal perspective. Finally, Du enforces how social networking sites can have consequences on people 's professional
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Jobs need to make sure they are hiring people with a clean background. If companies accidently pick an employer with a bad history, it will give the company a bad reputation. On the other hand, Nixon is similar to Du because she explains how there is never concealment on the internet. For example, Nixon conveys "We can instantly capture our most intimate and spontaneous moments and effortlessly pass these images on to friends and family by email or snail mail or post them on websites for lifetime experience is lost forever. That being said people can 't technically lose pictures because the data is still on the computer cookie and service. Also, people who delete pictures, statuses, and tweets don’t understand that the information is truly not erased from the computer, the information is removed from the site, but this does not change the fact people can take your posts and pictures and copy and paste it and save it to their phone and PC device. Also, people may

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