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  • Peer Review Reflection

    I never really had a good experience with peer-review back in high-school. It was mostly used as a time to mess around with classmates and do other stuff besides working on our papers. Needless to say, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Once we actually got around to peer-reviewing I found it surprisingly helpful. I was able to get a lot of useful information from my partners on how I should improve my paper before turning it. They helped correct my grammar, structure, and help me brainstorm of other things that I should include in my paper. After, I was able to help them with their paper in the same way they did with mine. This wouldn’t of been possible without them, and I am glad that they did such a great job of being on time with sending and reviewing each others…

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  • Importance Of Peer Review Articles To Make Tenure

    The age-old question: How many peer reviewed articles do I need to publish in order to make tenure? The answer is five. You need to publish five articles in order to make tenure. Just kidding! If only things were that simple. Just as PhD students often ask, “How long do you think my dissertation should be?” or “Do you think I have enough articles in my lit review?”, those in the tenure track often seek confirmation of that elusive number -- the quantity of journal articles needed to…

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  • Incident Based Nursing Peer Review Process

    Incident-Based Nursing Peer Review Process Incident based peer review take place when a nurse’s action or practice is questionable or a hospital receives a complaint regarding a nurse’s conduct. Therefore, the purpose of the incident based peer review is to determine if a nurse’s action or practice was a minor incident that can be remediated or if the nurse’s continued practice represents “risk of harm” to a patient or other person; In the event that the nurse’s practice is determined to be…

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  • Student Feedback Analysis

    The routine use of students’ feedback to teachers contributes to recognizing and meeting various needs of students in class. After collecting different students’ feedback, the teachers are supposed to accommodate diversity in learning strategies and to work on the problems in their teaching approaches. Alongside student feedback is academic peer review that is adopted at many Australian Universities. One project supported by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) indicates “peer…

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  • The Importance Of Subscription Services

    Subscription services have come to dominate academic publishing. Subscription-based services used for academic purposes are commonly referred to as research databases. They are particularly useful for retrieving articles in academic journals, repositories, archives, or other group of scientific or other articles. Academic journals consist of present original research, review articles, and book reviews in different scholarly disciplines. In academic journals, new research can be introduced and…

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  • Introduction To Literature Review: Effects Of Peer Tutoring On English Language Learners

    Introduction to Literature Review English language learners have had a history of not regularly attending school and this has led researchers to ask the question, why is school attendance among this demographic so low and what is at the root of the problem? Several researchers in various fields have attempted to answer this very question. They have approached the topic in different ways and have generated various reasons for the occurrence. There are three main issues that the researchers…

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  • English 100 Reflective Essay

    In English 100, peer reviewing rough draft essays has been a helpful process that has helped me improve in my writing. I used peer reviewing as a tool to make the necessary corrections that were needed in one of my essays. The comments and grammar suggestions from my peers have been useful to make modifications in my writing. For example, when I received a graded paper back, I read over the peer review comments and used what was needed to make the Essay stronger. If a comment stated to include…

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  • Online Course Development Class

    when reviewing the blogs, my first blog was full of rage at Edmodo. By the time I wrote my last blog, I was comfortable with Edmodo and was creating what I consider to be quite a good course. It was pleasant to see my progression. The peer review assignment was a mixed bag. There was the good, the bad, and the ugly. Like the movie, let’s start with the ugly. When I reviewed a fellow group member’s website, I noticed about one half way through my review, that she had changed her course! She…

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  • Reflection Paper In English

    One of the first concepts I gained from this class was the idea of the rhetorical triangle. The rhetorical triangle consists of three points, much like the geometric triangle. The points of the triangle include audience, speaker, and text which were surrounded by the hypothetical circle of context. In high school we just barely scraped the surface of each of these topics but in English 101 we actually learned how to find each of these in text and how to effectively compose about them. In the…

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  • Success In English 114: Student Analysis

    Success in English 114 College students stress when a new semester starts, this can be a bit overwhelming and rocky for a few weeks until the students become adjusted to the work load. English 114 is a technical writing class that prepares a student for professional communication. The key components for being a successful student in English 114 are to follow the schedule provided and being prompt with turning in assignments, review the information provided by the instructor for guidance on the…

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