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  • Broadway Musicals: Broadway Theatre

    Musicals “And I said to myself sit down, sit down you’re rocking the boat” ~Guys and Dolls Musicals. When you hear the word, you might think of Broadway or New York City, big performances with a standing ovation. This is all true but let me take you behind the curtain to learn about how a Broadway Musical comes to be. The first thing when making a Broadway Musical is writing. The writer, composer, and lyricist usually work together, usually the writer makes a rough draft of the story and then the composer and lyricist work together to put points of where they want their songs to be. At this point, all of them work to make a show out of their separate pieces. The next part after this is done is producing; this is a tricky part, the producer…

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  • Reflection On Lack Of Access To Broadway

    Lack of Access to Broadway Broadway shows have never been very accessible to a large number of the population. Ticket prices are high and continue to climb, there is a limited amount of touring shows, and a severe lack of officially recorded content. As we move into a more technology-reliant era, a few of these issues are beginning to get resolved, but there is still more that can be done in order for more people to enjoy Broadway. One of the biggest issues consumers of musical theater have, is…

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  • Elf The Broadway Musical Analysis

    On November 10 I attended Elf the Broadway Musical written by David Berrenbaum and directed by Sam Scalamoni. I attended Elf the Broadway Musical which was put on by Texas A&M University and MSC OPAS. Elf the Broadway Musical was a comedic musical that appealed to audience members of any ages including a range from myself a college student to the family of four sitting next to me. Elf the Broadway Musical was a delight surprise, since I had seen Elf (film) I expected the play to appeal more to a…

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  • Broadway Vs Hollywood Movies Essay

    Chicago, Mamma Mia!, and Hairspray all premiered in theaters while their counterparts were still on Broadway. There is a reciprocity to these relationships as the marketing prowess of Hollywood gets the name of the productions out to the masses, and a hit Broadway show produces excitement around the film for those far from the stage (“Return of the Hollywood Movie Musical, n.d.). However, the same scenario was true of The Producers so Hollywood cannot rely solely on the Broadway rapport. Another…

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  • Hamilton: Difference Between Broadway And Hollywood Cinema

    is the hottest musical to hit broadway in decades. It dominated the Tony awards and is completely sold out in every venue for the foreseeable future. This is an American story told in the American medium of the musical and features a diverse American cast. Hamilton is a nearly all black cast. Founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are played by black actors. These past few years have been celebrated as the best time for minority actors in Broadway history. “Tonys made…

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  • Broadway Performers

    Broadway actors are required to maintain a higher state of physical, emotional, mental, and social stamina than many other modern day professionals in their careers. The social character that these performers have to possess not only affects their work based life, but also their personal lives as well. Once these artist debut in their first show, many people begin watching them. From people that love the show, to people that work within the industry. No other career parallels to the stress…

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  • Broadway Controversy: The Influence Of Minorities On Broadway

    Minorities on Broadway have come a long way since the late 1800s. This Broadway season, diversity is front and center whether it is on stage or in the audience. “About 80 percent of Broadway ticket-buyers are white, according to the Broadway League, but the percentages of black, Hispanic and Asian theatergoers have all risen significantly over the last decade; the League’s program to increase the Hispanic audience size, called Viva Broadway, is chaired by Mr. Miranda’s father, the political…

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  • Personal Narrative: Being Black And Pursuing Musical Theatre

    go a law camp last summer, hoping that would spark my interest. My family believed that I squandering what my ancestors had worked so hard for. They felt that I have the opportunity to do great things and make impacts on society, but instead I chose to dance and sing. However, I feel like me pursing musical theatre is doing all of that and so much more. The feeling that I get onstage is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Part of why I pursue musical theatre is in the joy that performing…

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  • Babes On Broadway Analysis

    and singing. However, in “The Ragtime Violin,” the pace is more jumpy and rhythmic, which depicts Miss Brown’s style of dancing. When Hewes realized he must look past Miss Brown’s weaknesses, the two become a dynamic duo attracting many followers because of irreplaceable combination the two possess. Movies such as Easter Parade helped make Judy Garland’s a well-respected actor whose fan base only grew. Therefore, fan magazines always wanted to write about Mrs. Garland because they felt both…

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  • Broadway Musical Analysis

    When professor mentioned that we would watch and discuss about a Broadway Musical show named ‘Memphis’, the first that came to my mind was, the actual city Memphis in the southern state of Tennessee. I was still confused as to how a city and its activities could be incorporated into a Musical show, which is assumed to be entertaining with melodramatic components, dance and music. I had an assumption that it would be academic, political, boring since it is to be watched in a classroom setting and…

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