The Importance Of Scholarships

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that by taking the steps mention above it will be successful. Dowds (2014) believes that it is important to work smarter, not harder. The offering of grants and a scholarships allow me to discover that there were opportunities available to pay for my education. However, along with those opportunities were obstacles that needed to be overcome. I discovered that receiving scholarships required me to become a fulltime student. This was a problem because I am a fulltime worker, a parent and a husband. I did my research to find options on how to keep my scholarships without having to reduce my hours at work and without compromising too much of my family time. There were a few alternatives available to choose from. For example, I had the alternative …show more content…
I had a deep conversation with my wife about how becoming a fulltime student and a fulltime worker could affect our family’s relationship due to the limited time spent together. We evaluated the options and were able to come up with the plan. I was also constantly calling and emailing my advisor about my class’s availability. I was able to create a plan with my supervisor so I could keep my fulltime job as well as my fulltime school. I had to make some critical decisions through the process. However, having the courage and the ability to communicate with key stakeholders who could help me throughout this process was crucial to come up to a solution and a plan. During the management process I had some conflict. For example, I wanted to start my internship before the other classes started, however, the School District had many requirements before I could start my internship. Some of their requirements were difficult to accomplish in a short time, but with the support of the advisor and my supervisor I was able to resolve that conflict. The resource of information I had to seek were the advisement center, my supervisor, the financial aid office and my family. With the support of each one of these individuals, I was able to move to the next step in my …show more content…
If they let me know that I am not passing my classes I will need to make some changes. Also, I will seek feedback from my wife and children to see if I am doing well with the family plan we agreed on. Lastly, I will seek feedback from my supervisor.
To conclude, the experience of deciding whether to become a fulltime student or not was great. I was able to identify the problem of becoming a fulltime student and a fulltime worker; also, I was able to set a plan that was reachable. I learned to find a way to create positive communication with different people as well as evaluating to see if my plan was feasible or not. At the end I discovered that even though my problem seemed gigantic, it was attainable by taking careful steps that could benefit other parties and my own

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