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  • Type B Blood

    An infant is born to two parents. The father has type A blood and the mother has type B blood. A sample of the infant’s blood is sent for blood typing. When the infant’s blood is subjected to forward typing, there is no agglutination. When back-typing is performed, the infant’s serum causes agglutination with both type A and type B RBCs. Which of the following is the most likely interpretation of these results? A. The infant has type A blood. B. The infant has type AB blood. C. The infant has type B blood. D. The infant has type O blood. E. There has been a laboratory error, and this is not the infant’s blood. Answer Choice "D" is the best answer. This infant has type O blood. Because the infant’s red blood cells do not have either the…

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  • Blood Type Lab Report

    In humans, a single gene in the body determines blood type, whether it be A, B, AB, or O. This gene determines what type of antigen protein (if there is any in the first place) is attached to a red blood cell’s membrane. The gene is designated as I, and it has three common alleles, which include IA, IB, and i. Different combinations of these three alleles produce four different phenotypes, more commonly referred to as Blood Type A (homozygous IAIA or heterozygous IAi), Blood Type B (homozygous…

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  • 3.1 Explain Why A Person With Type O Blood

    person with type O blood is referred to as the “universal donor”, yet can receive blood only from other individuals with type O blood The universal blood type is blood containing A, B, and Rh antigens, this type of blood is known as type O negative. Individual con this kind of blood are consider an important blood donor because their blood can be donated to people of any blood type (Science 0nline, 2009). Blood types is an important achievement of Karl Landsteiner’s research on blood. This…

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  • Hydrops Fetalis Research Paper

    Life itself is remarkable through were the process of a male and female create human life. The process of gestation is the most amazing thing ever, but can also be fetal for fetus. During my research, Hydrops Fetalis caught my eye. This is a serious condition which occurs in a fetus and a newborn. There are two different types of Hydrops Fetalis, which I will be telling you more about in the next paragraph. Hydrops Fetalis is a rare condition that happens to 1 out of 1,000 pregnancies. It is…

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  • Exercise 3: What Is The Genotype Of The Mother?

    phenotypes of the children? | Ff and ff | What is the probability of freckles in their children? | 50% | Freckles in humans are inherited by which pattern: dominant/recessive, incomplete dominance, or codominance? Why does the mother have freckles, even though she has a gene for no freckles? Why does the father have no freckles? | Freckles in humans are a dominant recessive pattern. A parent carrying even a single copy of the dominant allele F will have freckles, in this case it is mom.…

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  • Why Do Blood Types Exist

    community about the polymorphism of human blood types and their genetic factors, and disagreement and uncertainty about details like which evolutionary mechanism blood types have followed over the course of their development and how one’s blood type and environment interact. Investigation and study of blood types has revealed many aspects in which certain blood types provide some advantage to their possessors, providing evidence that they were beneficial and perhaps essential to some groups in…

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  • Similarities And Differences Of My Family And Blood Types

    My mom and I may look-alike, sound alike and have the same blood type but we are not alike. Instead, I am more like my dad. I grew up in a prominently male Louisiana family. I have one brother who is 7 years older than me and 6 uncles. Being the first girl cousin of a long line of boy cousins is something that has always defined me. My dad always wanted a daughter while my mom did not want any more children after my brother. When I was born, my mother and I’s similarities stopped at…

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  • James Bain Case Study

    shocked me was the amount of time to find out that he was actually innocent. I chose this case because, even when forensic evidence of his blood showed that he wasn’t the criminal, he was still accused and was sent to prison because of it. His prison sentence was 25 to life, and if it wasn’t for his case re-opening, he would have spent the rest of his life in jail for a crime that he never committed. Even though that James was set free, he had to endure 35 years in prison for a false accusation…

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  • Blood Typing

    acquire the ABO blood type of four unknown individual’s samples through a series of steps. Blood typing consists of a test in which ultimately determines an individual’s blood form. This procedure is an essential process for those who need blood transfusion or those willing to donate blood. The reason this stage is compulsory is because not all blood is compatible. Potentially a fatal transfusion reaction can occur if a unit of blood containing an ABO antigen to which the blood recipient has an…

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  • Paramedics Essay

    Paramedics are similar to EMTs where they both are quick responders to the sick and injured in emergencies. While responding, paramedics are able to bandage a wound, asses a patient’s condition and identify the path of treatment needed, provide first-aid and life support treatment, transport patients in an ambulance to a hospital, and report knowledge of the patient to the staff at the hospital. Some paramedics are able to work on a helicopter or airplane with the proper training and equipment.…

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