Explain Why A Person With Type O Blood By Karl Landsteiner

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Essay question 3

1) Explain why a person with type O blood is referred to as the “universal donor”, yet can receive blood only from other individuals with type O blood
The universal blood type is blood containing A, B, and Rh antigens, this type of blood is known as type O negative. Individual con this kind of blood are consider an important blood donor because their blood can be donated to people of any blood type (Science 0nline, 2009).
Blood types is an important achievement of Karl Landsteiner’s research on blood. This research determine that there are three types of blood and its characteristics. The type A and B carry a specific and different protein or antigen while the third type do not contain either antigen. Karl Landsteiner was
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Blood type O can be given safely to everyone. However, people ho has type O cannot receive transfusion from everyone. They only can receive transfusion from people that have the same type of blood. (Forensic Science 1, 2006).
The reason why people who have O blood type cannot receive transfusion from other types of blood is because Serum from Blood type O will attack cells from type A and B. It means that blood transfusion in an individual type O in case that He or she receives A or B type blood the transfusion will result in complication that can cause death. O Blood type cells will react against of the agglutinogens carry by type A and B producing antibodies to destroy those organisms foreign to the body. To avoid this reaction in an individual O type blood the transfusion must be done with Blood type O. (Forensic Science 2,
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