Bloodstain pattern analysis

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  • Essay On Forensic Science

    Focusing specifically on forensic law, the first thing i'm going to talk about is blood splatter. According to crime scene investigator. “Because blood behaves according to certain scientific principles, trained bloodstain pattern analysts can examine the blood evidence left behind at a crime scene and draw conclusions as to how the blood may have been shed.” If you want to know what blood spatter is, it is a bloodstain pattern resulting from blood drops that traveled in the same direction as the force from the of how a victim was struck impact. A forensic scientist's job is very important, because they there the one who reaches the conclusion on how a victim was killed. Crime scene investigator. net says that from what may appear to be a random distribution of blood stains at a crime scene analysts can categorize the stains by gathering information from spatter pattern, transfers, voids and other marks that assist investigators in piecing together the sequence of events that occurred after bloodshed. What that means is that a lot of crime are solved by examining bloodstain directions and also finalize what kind of weapon was used to killed the victim based on the how blood was splashed all over a room. Blood pattern analysis (BPA) for short is the interpretation of bloodstains at a crime scene in order to recreate the actions that caused the bloodshed according to my research. There are many different type of blood spatters. The first one is Gunshot Spatter, which…

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  • Effects Of Contextual Information

    science, from blood pattern analysis, to crime scene management; however, contextual information can produce a number of different outcomes with the exact same evidence (Houck & Siegel, 2015). According to Bernstein et al (2013), contextual information can lead to the complete…

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire: A Short Story

    Waking up with a killer headache and blurry vision, Blanche knew something was wrong. She waited for her eyes to adjust to the harsh lighting before fully opening them and taking in her surroundings. There was blood everywhere! At the foot of the old wooden chair she sat in was a puddle of what Blanche could only assume to be her own blood. Seeing this she began to panic. She desperately tried pulling at the ropes around her hands, but had no luck. By now Blanche was sure it was her blood…

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  • Trace Evidence Importance

    Melvin Colangelo AJS275 Butcher Words Importance and Legal Concerns of Evidence Melvin Colangelo AJS275 Butcher Words Importance and Legal Concerns of Evidence Locard’s Principle is that investigators and suspects leave and take something from every crime scene. The items that could be left behind, known as trace evidence can include hairs, fibers from clothing, and DNA to identify a few. There is also transfer evidence, which is a type of trace evidence but…

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  • Watchmen Symbolism Analysis

    behind his head is tainted with blood in an identical manner as the smiley face symbol. This blood is of two innocent children both killed by their father. Nowhere does religion approve of bloodshed especially of children by their own father. Maybe before the murder, the family was happy or was pretending to be happy, but ultimately, the father’s immoral act can’t be overlooked regardless of the situation the family was in prior to the murder. Another manifestation of the symbol is on page 14…

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  • Essay On Bullet Shooting

    whenever a gun is fired, microscopic characteristics or imperfections are transferred through the gun barrel to the bullet and cartridge casings in the form of scrapes, grooves, scratches, marks or indentations.” (Keyserlingk, 2003, para. 3).The body was to be observed for other marking such as cuts or bruises to help with determining whether or not the victim was able to put up a fight that would determine if the cut or bruise are defensive wounds, or was the victim caught off guard, also…

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  • Concepts Of Identity In Sociology

    Through Sociology, not only can we study human social behavior, but we can also aim to analyze the behavior through certain concepts. With the help of media we are able to demonstrate these concepts to give us a more in-depth view of how they function. Both television shows and movies can be great for giving us the illustrations we need to understand an idea. Over the course of the essay, Dexter will be used as a model for some of the ideas focused on in Sociology. Through the concept of…

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  • Personal Dimensions Of Learning

    home, and work. Now I know that I can transition between different learning patterns to suit whatever task that…

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  • What Is Islamic Art?

    within a recurring theme that seems similar for a non-specialist there are differences that show the field of Islamic art is no unity. The Tropenmuseum and the Gemeentemuseum The Hague together organized an exhibition in 2013 called “Escher Meets Islamic Art” and “Escher and the Treasures from Islam” respectively. The Dutch etcher and artist M.C. Escher (1898-1972) took indeed a lot of inspiration from the Islamic geometric patterns of the Alhambra. Although he only went to Andalusia, the…

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  • Reflective Essay On Spiritual And Kinship

    body and the inner body in my sketch book. Overall, I am pleased with my design ideas and my final garment however, I can see where improvement can be made, such as my sewing skills. Although my trouser are inspired by the one of the designs and the color palette in my sketch book, I felt restricted by my pattern cutting and sewing skills which affected what I chose to make. I have some extravagant designs in my sketch which I would have enjoyed to making however I would need to have more…

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