Dexter Morgan Character Analysis

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Our favorite serial killer is awkwardly witty and charming in a way that can’t be explained. He’s the person we all cheered for and never wanted to get caught. Dexter Morgan is forensic analyst specializing in blood splatter for the Miami Metro Police Department. He was adopted by a popular and well decorated police officer named Harry Morgan and his wife who already had a daughter named Debra Morgan. When Harry was raising Dexter, he realized that he was different from the other children. Once his father figured out that he was dissociative, liked to hurt, and kill animals; he decided to teach Dexter how to properly channel the urges he had to kill. Throughout his adolescences, Harry trained Dexter using a set of rules in which he called the …show more content…
He’s a blood splatter analyst by day and a gruesome serial killer by night. He was very daring with working in the police department while he filled in urges at night, but he had been working on his craft for so long that he never got caught until the end of the series. Throughout the series, he refers to his inner thoughts and his urges to kill as the “Dark Passenger” (DePaulo, 2010). He has been through many experiences that have shaped who he is and how his character develops throughout the series. We learn to love him and hate him at the same time. Dexter’s personality and who he is was solely shaped by his experiences and he father Harry. After the death of his mother, he turned into something that wasn’t normal. When his saw what he was, instead of preventing him from fulfilling his urges, he shaped him into someone that could use those urges for good. Harry thought that if he trained Dexter this way and taught him a code, he wouldn’t as bad of a person. Harry raised Dexter differently then he raised Deb. He taught him to act as a normal person and that should keep him from getting caught so that he could continue to fulfil his urges. Dexter trusted Harry so much because he was the only person that knew who he was. He let him teach him how to kill criminals because Harry told him that’s the best way for him to act on his urges but ultimately Harry used Dexter to kill the people that slipped through the cracks of the justice system. Dexter looked up to Harry and never doubted his judgement. The trust and care that Dexter had for Harry shaped how he acted in society as he lived his double life, the career path he chose and how he fulfilled his urges until the found out that his father was using him to satisfy his own

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