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  • Dexter Foucault Character Analysis

    concepts explained by Foucault that can connect to the show Dexter are The Gentle Art of Punishment, Docile Bodies and The Means of Correct Training. During the series, Dexter Morgan displays characteristics and actions that relate to these concepts. As said Dexter had grown up going through difficult times to try and fit in and stay within a “code” his adopted father wanted him to follow. Dexter had the need and urges to kill. Growing up, Harry made it clear that Dexter could only kill animals. Dexter and his father would go on hunting trips, displayed throughout the series, where Harry would give Dexter another set of rules to add to the code. As Dexter became older and the urges to kill extended from animals, Harry then led a…

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  • Darkly Dreaming Dexter Analysis

    The example of fictional television violence we will look at for the purpose of this paper will be the show Dexter—one of the more famous antiheroes in American television in the last ten years. Dexter was adapted by James Manos from the novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” which was written by Jeff Lindsay. Dexter aired for eight seasons on Showtime, lasting from 2006-2013. The story is about Dexter Morgan who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a forensic blood splatter analysist—but…

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  • Dexter Crime Theory

    influences that shape criminal behavior. Many popular images of crime portray explanations behind the motivations of criminal behavior. In the television show Dexter, the main character Dexter is a blood splatter analyst for the Miami police department who…

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  • Justice In Dexter's Definition Of Justice

    standard dictionary definition. For example, Dexter is an American crime drama that takes an aspect of justice as its setting and uses it to invoke the audience to contemplate the idea of justice. With this in mind, the producers of Dexter make both a idealistic and realistic claim: the ideals of modern justice are catching criminals and penalizing them for their crimes, yet because the legal system and the people who serve it are flawed, the producers seek to critique the definition of justice…

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  • Dexter And The Death Penalty

    There are many different aspects throughout our world that are constantly questioned and debated. One huge controversial topic that exists in our society is the death penalty. It has been an ongoing debate based on what is considered morally right and wrong. The television show I have been studying, Dexter, plays a big role in this topic and is considered a very controversial series. This series is about a blood spatter analyst named Dexter who has a little side job as a vigilante, or as the…

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  • Dexter To Hobbes Analysis

    General Information “The monster and the police. Dexter to Hobbes” by Mark Neocleous, published in Issue 185 of radical philosophy. The purpose of the article is to identify and respond to the similarities of Hobbes’ Leviathan (published 1651) and the current state of police power in bourgeois modernity. In addition to this goal, it examines the idea that the monstrous “Leviathan” enacted by our modern policing system shares many attributes (and thusly some of the monstrous attributes of) the…

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  • Response To Hemingway's 'Hills Like White Elephants'

    ultimately the woman’s choice what to do with her body, and thank God for that! In the story, “Winter Dreams”, Fitzgerald describes a story of a man, Dexter Greene, extremely ambitious about his future. Fitzgerald uses the setting of a golf course to represent that Dexter likes the finer things in life. As it was pointed out in the beginning of the story, Dexter was not from a poor family but by no means was wealthy, although his father owned the second best grocery store in town. The golf…

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  • Personality Traits Of Dexter Morgan

    Dexter Morgan, from Showtime’s series “Dexter” is played by Michael C. Hall, who plays a blood splatter analyst and is a gripping character because he’s also a serial killer. He spends his days working for the homicide division, but is a serial killer who kills other killers by night. Dexter has many personality layers. He thinks cleverly, he solves problems easily, and he balances both sides of being a married father and a psychopath. He, at first, seems like a normal person, who lives a…

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  • Dexter Speaking Of Sin Analysis

    The hit tv show Dexter is about a blood splatter analyst who works for a Miami police department. The main character being Dexter, uses his job as a blood splatter analyst to locate serial killers near him. Dexter finds local killers so he can put a stop to their killing of innocent people by murdering them. Most viewers of Dexter would probably not think of associating Dexter’s rationale for murder with ideas about sin. In fact, Dexter’s justification for murder portrays ideas about sin…

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  • Birth Control By Catherine Dexter

    It was important for Katharine Dexter because she was married to a man with schizophrenia and since there’s a chance that the kids have this mental illness too, even though there wasn’t a physical connection between her and her husband, but since she knew there were people out there that were at risk, she wanted to help them. Also she wanted women have control over their bodies and so they can prevent unplanned pregnancy. For Margaret Sanger, after the death of Sadie Sachs, she was so sad and…

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