Dexter Foucault Character Analysis

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The three concepts explained by Foucault that can connect to the show Dexter are The Gentle Art of Punishment, Docile Bodies and The Means of Correct Training. During the series, Dexter Morgan displays characteristics and actions that relate to these concepts. As said Dexter had grown up going through difficult times to try and fit in and stay within a “code” his adopted father wanted him to follow. Dexter had the need and urges to kill. Growing up, Harry made it clear that Dexter could only kill animals. Dexter and his father would go on hunting trips, displayed throughout the series, where Harry would give Dexter another set of rules to add to the code. As Dexter became older and the urges to kill extended from animals, Harry then led a …show more content…
He doesn’t want to kill the wrong person and then lead to him breaking the code. If the therapist doesn’t fit the code, Dexter no longer has interest in killing him leading into the second obstacle-sign, the complex of signs must decrease the desire for crime and increase the fear of the penalty. If Dexter breaks the code and kills an innocent man, the penalty towards him emotionally could be crucial. The third obstacle-sign in the concept is temporal modulation is needed for the punishment. Dexter’s sister, Debra, who is a cop feels as if the prison system is the temporal modulation. However, Dexter’s temporal modulation is to kill the person who committed the crime. It is the idea of how Dexter sees the punishment and believes, for example the therapist in episode 8, shouldn’t go to jail for what he did, instead not have to satisfaction to live. The fourth obstacle-sign the punishment should be directed at other, not just the criminal, connects to Dexter’s code in this own way. Wanting to make sure that not only he is getting satisfaction from the kill that he is doing this for the people affected by this crime. When Dexter is about to kill the person on his table, he shows them pictures of the people he killed and or affected. Going into the fifth obstacle-sign, a learned economy of publicity exists, related to Dexter’s code by he is doing what other can’t do. Foucault concept in this condition is an important distinction, that punishment should be an act of mourning. People don’t understand why they do the crime and ask the question as to why they can’t follow the rules society created. Society mourns their inability to function within the rules, but Dexter is about to follow the rules set by society while performing his own form of law-breaking punishments. Dexter’s code allows him to live everyday life and still be able to perform his kills without society catching him.

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