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  • Selection Panels: 4. Five Roles And Responsibilities

    web), if they are satisfied that this will result in the best possible outcome for the Organization. In reaching a decision to use an 'internal only' recruitment process for positions exceeding twelve months duration, the following guidelines shall apply: Delegates shall: ¾ Ensure that the core principles of ANANASH TRS LIMITED recruitment and selection as outlined in 1.1 of this policy are not compromised. This particularly applies to the principles of merit and equity. 28 ANANASH TRS LTD. House# 57/B (2nd Floor), Road# 21, Banani, Dhaka -1213, Bangladesh Phone: +880 2 8860234, 8823420, 9861209 E-mail: info@ananash.com , web : http://www.ananash.com/trs/ ¾ Consult with their HR representative in reaching their decision. ¾ Be satisfied that candidates meeting the required capabilities of the position exist in the ANANASH TRS LIMITED. ¾ Have sufficient evidence illustrating that an external exercise will be of little value i.e. position is of a highly specialized nature, significant ANANASH TRS LIMITED experience and knowledge required, history of previously low external response (quantity and/or…

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  • Sheikh Hasina Wajed Prime Minister Of Bangladesh Case Study

    The nation of Bangladesh is neighbored by India on all of its borders except for Myanmar on its very southern border. Because of its geographic location Bangladesh is primarily in a tropical climate for most of the year where it then switches to a monsoon climate. The tropical climate and riverine soil deposition have allowed Bangladesh to have a sizable natural resource production of timber and productive agriculture (CIA 2016). In addition to natural resources Bangladesh manufactures a large…

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  • Dhaka City Essay

    the traditional and familiar trends as well as the new developing trends (Sassen, 2006). Hence, living in the cities is always exciting as well as complicated. Dhaka is a city which has a history of more than 400 years. In 1610, Dhaka was named as Jahangirnagar by subedar Islam Khan Chishti. Many of the famous infrastructures were built during the British and Mughal period but over the time not only the name but the whole edifice of the city has developed. However, the present Dhaka city is not…

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  • Dhaka WASA Case Study

    Initiatives: As a vital service provider in Dhaka city, Dhaka WASA introduced benchmarking techniques in order to improve its performance. A committee consisting of the Dhaka WASA senior staff members along with the Managing Director works in this initiative. The Benchmarking committee caters the World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), and South Asian Water Utilities Network (SAWUN) in the matter of Benchmarking and Monitoring of “Program for Performance Improvement (PPI)” of Dhaka WASA…

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  • Krail Slum Case Study

    Lifestyle In Korail Slum Beware the ends of the earth and the exotic: the drama is on your doorstep wherever the slums; are, wherever there is malnutrition, wherever there is exploitation and cruelty. (John Grierson) In Bangladesh, Urban areas are polluted with slum dwellers. Slums are available in urban cities. Almost 30% of our population, more than 14 million population lives in slums characterised by tenure insecurity and evictions, and controlled by ganglords who charge exorbitant rates for…

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  • Operation Searchlight Paragraph

    undertaken by the Pakistani army. Pakistani rulers curb the movement of the freedom loving Bengalis rulers. By the military authority was termed as “Operation Searchlight”. Because of this operation many students leaders, Bengali intellectuals arrest or kill the distinguished Awami League leaders in the main cities of the then East Pakistan including Dhaka, the Bangali personnel’s of military, that time radio station and telephone was exchange and thereby to take over the control of the province…

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  • Caesarean Section Essay

    However the decision for CS is way difficult than our thinking. It’s include not only medical features of the pregnant women as well as maternal attitudes & needs and familial attitudes toward CS (Sarker et al., 2012). So it indicates that due to CS delivery the urban slum dwelling women of Dhaka are prone to ill physical and economic consequences of health. CS is a lifesaving procedure in spite of some demerits than delivery at home that is NVD, still C-section has some physical, economic,…

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  • Trust Bank Case Study

    Findings:  The number of Billboards of Trust bank is very low in Dhaka City.  The Billboards are smaller than the competitors in the market so it’s less highlighted.  Not enough campaign is run around the year for the promotion of its product.  Not enough branches are there in Dhaka city.  Limited ATM booth.  Small team for big work load of the entire department.  Office area is too small for marketing and communication department.  Lack of upgraded guideline for the employees to…

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  • The Role Of Waste In The Health Care Industry

    The workers when surveyed, were unaware of the dangers arising from sharps and needles and they did not know the proper protocol for the practice of basic hygiene after the exposure to hazardous medical waste7. In addition, health care facilities did not provide sufficient protective equipment for their employees, which commonly led to accidental injuries and the increased likelihood of disease transmission. Transmission of a disease and the intensification of it may likely stem from the medical…

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  • Maps And Mirrors: Co-Ordinates Of Meaning In The Shadow Lines Analysis

    Tha’mma’s long held belief that “…nostalgia is a weakness…” (SL 230) is destroyed since she realizes that she has “no home but in memory” (SL 214) after her visit to Dhaka. Suvir Kaul in the essay “Separation Anxiety: Growing up Inter/National in The Shadow Lines” comments: Perhaps, the crowning irony of The Shadow Lines is that almost as soon as Tha’mma realizes that the legacy of her birthplace is not separable from her sense of herself as a citizen of India, her nephew Tridib’s death at the…

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