Essay On Darkly Dreaming Dexter

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The character being dissected the complexities of is Dexter Morgan in the book “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” by Jeff Lindsay. The main idea of Dexter is grown and produced after the serial killer is communicating with dexter introducing the theme of the story. Just like when a head hits his car, the story hits your mind. The characters begin growing and making important decisions and tell us about how they work and who they are. Dexter is an obvious round character and a hero in his own way, allowing more to be interpreted. Continuing to the importance of Dexter.

To begin, the complex character Dexter is not necessarily the most common of complex characters. The reader learns in the beginning that Dexter really does not believe in himself, other than the fact he knows he is good at what he does. He begins looking at his life from a third person point of view; probing his own life and others. He is more like an actor in a play instead of a person in life. He views his life from both the inside and the outside to fully understand what is going on. As the story progresses, Dexter is beginning to
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He knew Dexter had to grow and develop from his average lifestyle. Though Dexter does not change much he does develop into a boyfriend who wants something out of his girlfriend, a brother with real feelings, and an employee who is actually interested in catching a killer vs not. He did make other characters develop as well, but Dexter was the most important character to change and he changed, because others changed as well. Dexter is often dependent on Deb, who is his sister. They bounce ideas off each other, and though their change is not necessarily the biggest thing to happen they do change. Their status at work changes together as well. Deb is growing because of Dexter; Dexter is growing due to how Deb reacts to how she is

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