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  • Dan Buettner's Blue Zone Analysis

    humans have to adapt living habits to live longer. The National Geographic writer Dan Buettner did a Ted Talk on “how to live to be 100+”in this video Mr. Buettner introduces Blue Zones which are parts of the world where older people are living longer. In Burttner’s research the Blue Zone communities have eight common characteristics that help people to live to be 100 or longer. These eight characteristic are a plant- base diet, moving naturally, purpose, Spirituality, tribe with healthy habits, modern alcohol, family comes first and appreciating the elders community is what makes up the Blue Zone. Dan Buettner has taken these regions as examples to a healthier life style and improving the life expectancy of person. Dan Buettner search for a Blue zone in America finding only a couple places like linda California being one of those places. Were no matter your races or ethnicity you are the Blue zone applies to them by share common lifestyles and help them become a procreative success. As Mr. Buettner did his Blue…

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  • Blue Zones

    Speech, Dan Buettner talk about Blue zones. These Blue Zones are specific areas found around the world where the elderly lives in vigor with record-setting ages. Considering these blue zones and the habits that are practiced there, I think it’s quite possible for the neighborhood that I live in now or even in any neighborhood community here in the United States to adopt the longevity lifestyles the blue zone areas talk about. It is not easy to change or persuade people to alter their ways…

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  • The Importance Of Blue Zones

    longer than the national average. These places are called Blue Zones and are located all around the world. People are living such long lives in these Blue Zones because they have made simple lifestyle changes. In America, the odds of someone living to be 100 years old are very slim because Americans have not fully embraced these types of lifestyle changes. America can easily adopt some of the Blue Zone lifestyle changes such as including physical activity throughout the day, but will struggle…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of How To Live To Be 100 +

    The other day, I saw a news article about a ninety year old lady who was still dancing despite her age. She hardly looked or acted her age and was clearly on her way to fulfilling National Geographic journalist Dan Buettner’s task of living to be over one hundred which he investigates in his speech “How to Live to be 100+”. In his speech, Buettner delves into what exactly extends life by looking into so called Blue Zones or “ areas where people are living to age one hundred at rates up to ten…

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  • Disadvantages Of Okinawan Food

    as Sardinia, Okinawa, Loma Linda, Ikaria, and Costa Rica. Sardinia, Italy is among of one of the blue zones spots, which produces a local wine with highest levels of polyphenols and antioxidants. The diet higher in selenium, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus content of goat’s milk, which are essential for the ideal immune system activity promote healthy aging. Another advantage is the strength in their bone density and consequently low risk of fractures. Okinawa, Japan – Okinawans consume a low fat…

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  • The Importance Of Living In Blue Zones

    live longer than expected. Due to their findings, these areas were named Blue Zones. The main objective for researching the Blue Zones was to find the aspects and actions in their lives that allowed for their community’s longevity. A lot goes into living a healthy lifestyle, and it’s not an easy task. It’s highly unlikely for my peers to adopt the lifestyle of the older people mentioned in the Blue Zones; many Americans have adapted to a more modern way of living, where convenience usually…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Little Things By Raymond Carver

    know how to make it better. Admittedly, I should have asked for help sooner and much more than I did, instead of just struggling on my own and not getting very far. In the end, I managed to finish it, though I don’t think I did the best job that I could have done because at that point I was so stressed out about it that I just wanted it done. If I ever have to do that kind of paper again I will certainly pick a topic that is easier to focus and I will probably work with someone in the…

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  • Dan Buettner's Blue Zones

    In the TED talk video, Dan Buettner shared his research on how people in certain regions that he called Blue Zones were able to live longer than people from other regions around the world. Buettner conclude that people who are living in these Blue Zones are sharing the four common life styles that he believes are the keys to longevity. These four life styles are Move Naturally, Right Outlook, Eat Wisely and Connect. Buettner intrigues me with the information that he presented in his speech,…

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  • Blue Zone Case Study Answers

    Part1: • Blue Zones and the Power9 1a. Blue zones are certain places around the world in which the lifestyle of people allow them a longer and healthier life compared to the rest of the world. 2. Shift Down: In the blue zone’s part of their schedules include a portion of time set aside to relieve stress. This time could include a nap, happy hour, praying, or any other ways of stress relief. 80% rule: This rule used in the blue zones reminds people to only eat until they are 80% full. This…

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  • Analysis Of Blue Zones By Dan Buettner

    One thing that we all have in common is that no one wants to die. There is research and studies going on to figure out a way or some type of medication that will help to slow the aging process down, but until then, author Dan Buettner gives advice on how we could live to be centenarians. Dan Buettner identified the four places on the globe where people tend to live the longest and calls them the “blue zones”. Throughout the book he speaks about his experiences and about the people he interviewed…

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