Blue Ridge Parkway

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  • Hike Day Speech

    Blue Ridge cropped You tie your hiking boots in perfectly snug knots and gently stand up, brushing the pebbles off of your left knee. A deep breath of fresh air fills your lungs as your first step leads into the wilderness. The warm breeze smells like dirt, nature at its finest. Leaves crunch beneath your powerful feet and pebbles fling off the trail, scuttling to a slow stop. You march on. Thoughts of the office vanish from your mind and Thanksgiving stumbles in. Certainly, something you 're grateful for is this round, aged, beautiful earth that you have the freedom to trek along. Today is National Take a Hike Day. Nobody knows whether this day is designed for people to bellow "take a hike" to those who deserve it, or venture into the wilderness for some healthy, much-needed exercise. Aladdin Travel interprets it as the latter. What better time to embrace nature than late autumn? Leaves transform from bright greens to light yellows and dark ambers before they shrivel and freeze off into the bone cold winter. Just a few months away marks the National Parks 100th birthday year! What a wonderful excuse to travel to one, right before the whirling holidays swing in. Knock a few National Parks off avid hikers ' bucket lists this year! 1.) Blue…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The City Of Asheville

    encaustics, pastels, you name it, Asheville has it. There is even a sculpture made from spheres. However, these round objects aren’t typical sculpture materials, no, they are crumpled up washing machines that look like crumpled up pieces of paper. This sculpture and others in Asheville that are just as unique make this place so fantastic. As far as pottery and glass goes, there are thousands of beautiful pots and vases for sale, or just on display. Asheville offers a variety of unique blown…

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  • The North Carolina Blue Ridge Heritage Trails

    North Carolina, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountain range. Throughout the section of Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, there have been “trails” made, one highlighting the music of that region, and another, the heritage. The heritage sites not only represent the history of living but also the music history. The people and traditional music of the North Carolina Appalachian Mountain…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Ideal American Childhood

    ideal American childhood. Now, consider my story. My childhood home, settled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, was equipped with a basketball hoop in the backyard and a minivan in the driveway. I grew up in a two-parent middle-class home with evenings spent at the dinner table waiting for Jeopardy to start; then, I would read my older brother’s comics or The Magic Tree House series until I couldn’t hold my eyes open. I was a tomboy for lack of a better word; a shy, reserved kid who had…

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  • Indian Removal Act Dbq

    Picture this: you wake up one morning thinking it’s just going to be a normal day, but then, everything changes. Generals start invading your home and drag you off your front porch and tell you that you can’t live on this land anymore; that it is now for other people to use and have. You can’t grab anything to bring with you. All you have are the clothes and shoes that you have on, nothing more. Think about that. It almost seems too horrible to be true. But this did happen. It was called the…

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  • Celebrated California Bandit By John Rollin Ridge: Literary Analysis

    these groups of people are depicted by the author John Rollin Ridge, who is half Native American and half white. Thorough this story, Ridge uses the theme of race to convey a hierarchy involving superiority and power by describing the actions and words of these races the way that he does. First, the Chinese within this work seem to be on the lowest rung of the hierarchical depiction of race within this story.…

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  • Visual Aglisia Research Paper

    According to the movie, color vision is not something a person automatically born with, it develops the first three months after a child is born. The child is able to see different colors as an infant and able to categorize the colors even though they haven’t learn any language. The way that people process color and language are congruent. Language can structure how the brain structure the visual world. The right side of human brain process the color categories. In the English world, there are…

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  • Edvard Munch And Frida Kahlo Analysis

    Munch used an analogous colour scheme featuring complementary colours and predominately earthy colours. This is evident in the sky where the bright swirling orange complements the revealing stoke of teal blue. The texture portrayed appears to be smooth due to the soft swerved lines as compared to the rough appearance of the sea. The sea is created using analogous colours, which include deep greens, earthy greens, navy blue and sky blue that slightly contrasts with the hint of orange and beige.…

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  • Formal Analysis: David Bourdon And Gregory Battcock

    about with both the content we see and the content we understand. This painting ranges from duller colors such as soft blues, greens, and browns to pure yellow, red, and white. On the right side we have David Bourdon, a well put together businessman is what he appears to be depicted as. Neel uses these colors to represent a more “conservative” character as opposed to Gregory Battcock on the left. Bourdon is represented as a more traditional man almost trying to go under the radar in the sense…

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  • Ragtime Music

    singing. 2. European music: Instrumentation, Forms, Complex harmonies, and Complex lyrical melodies. 3. Africa/African-American music: Complex polyrhythms, Prominent percussion, Instrumentation, Call and responds, Improvisation, and Singing Style. 11. What is meant by the blues form? Discuss the harmonic form and how the text (words) are organized. The blues form is a specific song structure used in the blues. The most common of this form is the 12-Bar Blues, where the three phrases and…

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