Eula Biss Analysis

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Essay One: Rough Draft Both Aleksandar Hemon and Eula Biss both argue that having a sense of belongingness to a community is important for people to feel, and I agree with that because having a place to call home can make someone feel like they are a part of something and makes them feel comfortable. On the contrary, if you do not feel as though you belong to a certain community, you lose a sense of uniqueness and having a special emotional tie to where you live.
In Aleksandar Hemon's "Lives of a Flaneur," he evokes a sense of community and belonging once he moves away from his home in Sarajevo and finds a new one in Chicago. Throughout this essay, Hemon's ultimate goal is to search for a new place to call home. He had originally left Sarajevo
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Biss experiences dramatic change in neighborhood when she decides to move to Rogers Park in Chicago, which is known to be the most diverse neighborhood in a hypersegregated city. This particular neighborhood, as her family friends come to describe it, is home to nothing but violence and she ignores their warnings, more specifically her mother’s, and goes with what is set in her mind. As Biss transitions into the neighborhood of Rogers Park, she quickly realizes how diverse the neighborhood is while also not diverse at all. Despite the variety of people living there, she notices how Caucasians make themselves out to be as the ones wanting change and/or making change. At this point, Biss comes to realization that people are good at is invoking fear within themselves and others. Essentially, her mindset is to not let the fear she was warned about get inside her head. Instead, she remains in Rogers Park and begins to realize the things that she had feared do not anymore. In the end of Biss’s essay, her last memory is of her on the beach with a young black woman and a middle-aged Polish immigrant, all of whom are different and share different ethnicities and comes to finally say that Rogers Park is her

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