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Things to do in Maple Ridge
Maple Ridge’s unique geography and location provide the residents of the city with a wide range of outdoor activities and lifestyle choices. It is precisely these activities that make Maple Ridge such a coveted and great place to call home. Not only does Maple Ridge offer a wide range of outdoor opportunities in close proximity, but the city also provides a great selection of cultural and historical attractions all within the city limits. Here are some of the more popular attractions for tourists and locals alike.
Golden Ears Provincial Park
Golden Ears Provincial Park is the largest single attraction in Maple Ridge. The city is blessed to sit on the borders of this park and because of its proximity residents can enjoy all that Golden Ears has to offer. The park hosts many great trails for all skill levels as well as camping opportunities.
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From Remembrance Day ceremonies to Canada Day and a Santa Parade, Maple Ridge offers something for everyone. Some of the more unique festivals are the Caribbean Street Festival and the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Country Fest.
The Caribbean Street Festival is one of Maple Ridge’s most popular annual events. In July for two days, the streets of downtown Maple Ridge and Memorial Park come alive with a host of Caribbean culture. From live reggae and island music to Caribbean food stalls and street vendors; there is so much to see and do. This family friendly festival is a great way to become part of the vibrant Maple Ridge community!
The Maple Ridge Country Fest brings all things country to Maple Ridge for a week in July. Make sure to take in the large variety of live music and the interesting agricultural exhibition to entertain your whole family. There is also a monster truck event and amusement rides for children and parents alike. The best part about the Maple ridge Country Fest is that admission is

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