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  • Meijer Culture Analysis

    As a bakery clerk, I was expected to wear a bright red button-up shirt, black or tan pants, shoe covers, and a bright blue apron and hat baring the Meijer logo. Wearing this not only reinforced the feeling of deindividuation, it also formed subcultures (or parts of a society that have distinctive values rituals etc.) based on the company 's hierarchal level of organization (page 69). Red shirts performed the more “low-leveled” skills such as working bakery, placing products onto the sales floor, and cashiering. Blue shirts consist of upper management positions that told the red shirts what tasks to perform. Finally, those in Meijer wearing white shirts and ties were the upper management, which controlled both those with blue and red shirts. Interestingly enough, although these uniforms were established to ease employees into conforming to their assigned roles, it lead to social tensions within the red shirt (“lower class”) and blue shirt (“middle-upper class”) levels. While the managers attempted to assert their dominance through humiliating acts such as public shaming and punishment, a small group of red shirts formed a counterculture ( a group that is against certain aspects of a society) that opposed the store and openly defamed it (page 70). They refused to properly wear their uniforms by sagging their pants, smoke weed in…

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  • Essay On School Dress Code

    As well as being able to wear things that have sexual comments towards women. For an example a young student wore a piece of clothing that said “You have to be this tall to ride me”. But when a girl wears a shirt that shows her shoulders she is told to change immediately or put something on that will cover her body. Why should wearing certain things be such a big deal when guys are able to wear muscle shirts and show their arms and shoulders? Many female students are fed up with the fact that…

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  • Wgu Est1 Task 2

    Part A: Standards and Procedures 1. Dress Policy-Employees must adhere to business casual attire during schedule shifts. Male employees are permitted to wear dress slacks and khaki’s. Female employees are allowed to wear dress capris, skirts, and dresses; however, if the clothing has a split it must be either at or below the knee. Additionally, women’s clothing must allow a comfortable fit for sitting in public. Employees may wear polo’s shirts, blouses, jackets (suit or sports jackets),…

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  • Ghost Narrative

    our skills. “We’ve spent hours watching people on TV unravel everything from murders to hauntings and we know what makes our ghostly visitors tick.” “Whatever.” He shook his head. “Kids.” With the beam of his light, he led the way inside. The others crowded close to his heels. Two more flashlights cut bright paths through the gloom. Seth and I silently slipped over the threshold behind them. We found ourselves in a dilapidated foyer covered with wrinkled wallpaper. An oak staircase curved…

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  • Jean Paul Gaultier Advertisement Analysis

    scene in the early 2000’s (Listal RSS). Although he has done editorials in Out magazine, he has never ‘come out’ as LGBTQ+ himself. It is, however, strongly rumored that he is gay (vooxpopuli). In the ad itself, Perovich is not wearing a shirt, but he is wearing white sailor pants and a “Dixie Cup” sailor hat (the latter of which has been used by the Navy since 1886). The background of the room is blurred out to bring focus to the model, but it looks almost reminiscent of a standard military…

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  • Uniforms Solve Dress Code

    For example, “Actions like these train girls to think of (telling a girl to put a jacket on or cover themselves up more) and define themselves based on the male gaze. Dress codes recontextualize the way women and girls view themselves. When you tell a girl to put on a sweater, you take control of her body. When you do this, even if you say it’s for her “own good”, you take away her agency. You tell her that your body is not her own.” Yes, boys also get dress coded, but look at their reasons for…

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  • High School Dress Code Analysis

    Throughout the years, dress codes have become standard practice in many high schools across the country. While there may be some variation among the rules, most dress codes have a similar foundation. Many include restrictions about the length of skirts, dresses, and shorts. It is also common for there to be regulations on shirt sleeves (spaghetti straps, sleeveless shirts, etc.) as well as garments that are transparent or expose the midriff area. Most schools do not allow clothing with…

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  • Independence Mall Analysis

    So, just like he did, I tried to watch if people did that. Not only did I notice almost every person I watched did it, but I caught myself doing it a few times. Tables also play a big role. It is shown the people are more likely to pick up a clothing item if it’s on the table rather than hanging on a rack. We are accustomed to picking up our food off tables so it’s like second nature to us. Also, it is much easier to fold a shirt and put it back on a table than to take it off the hanger, put it…

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  • Analysis Of Crazy Brave By Joy Harjo

    Crazy Brave is a memoir written by Native American poet and artist Joy Harjo. In this memoir Harjo recollects and evaluates a number of pivotal moments, which occur during her life, that altered her identity as well as how she saw the world around her. Many of these moments occur in the first two sections of the book entitled “East” and “West”. These moments include, but are not limited to, when she is playing with bees and is stung as a young girl, when her mother forces her to put on a…

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  • The Importance Of Dress Codes In High Schools

    as superior to girls when it comes to their education. As an adolescent girl in high school, you are beginning to find out who you are as an individual and with this come’s the ability to chose the clothes you feel comfortable wearing. Being able to chose your clothing should allow an individual to express themselves and wear things that make them feel comfortable. However, girls are being told that they are not allowed to show their shoulders, or shorts or skirts shorter then the length of…

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