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  • Evidence Law

    Judge: “Am I not to hear the truth?” Objecting Counsel: “No, Your Lordship is to hear the evidence. ” Evidence law is a mixture of principles, rules, guidelines and discretions. Jeremy Bentham legal theorist, stated it thus; ‘The field of evidence is no other than the field of knowledge’. The law of evidence is a critical subject for any lawyer or indeed party to a proceedings, who is concerned with investigation or the conduct of trials. The law of evidence is essentially about, the facts or materials that, are admissible to prove something that is in dispute. The John Figgis exercise took a theoretically erudite, but real-world look at how facts that, may establish evidence are employed to substantiate certain results in a law settings.…

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  • Challenges To Evidence Law

    the interrogation was done can also be a challenge to the evidence law on handling the terrorism. As mentioned above, the terrorist suspect usually will become stubborn and tough as they might be trained to be so. They will not even give up their information easily. There are trained authorities that specializes in digging out information from the suspects. However, as much as the police are trained to do so, they are also well-trained to endure the interrogation. In the situation such as the…

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  • 5.3 Role Of Investigator Essay

    Assignment 5.3: Role of Investigator Introduction Investigators have an immense role in the criminal justice system. They have to ensure they follow due process, as well as, keeping the integrity of the evidence to prove continuity when entered into court. In the QB trial video, R v. Perry and Manitoba (2016), the investigating officer, Constable York, seized four exhibits: a wallet, a Timex watch, a kitchen knife, and a gun replica, which entered into court as physical evidence. Constable…

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  • Child Abduction Investigation

    child abduction that results in homicide will be explained. In addition to that, the methods for collecting evidence as well as the main investigation techniques that would be used to investigate the murder in this case will be outlined. Keywords: Child, abduction, investigation, murder, kidnapping…

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  • Patient Privilege Case Study

    The information gathered during the time they were married is still considered privileged and cannot be used. However, any communication after the divorce is finalized can be used. The purpose behind the husband-wife privilege is to ensure either party does not damage the marital relationship. The physician-patient privilege first went into law in New York in 1828. The physician-client privilege is similar to the attorney-client privilege. Meaning, the physician cannot provide complete care…

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  • Expert Witness Testimonies

    Expert witness testimonies must be scientific, technical, and specifically relevant that will acknowledge the trier of fact to define evidence and determine the fact of the issue. Evidence obtained by expert witness’s must be based off of sufficient facts produced by applicable, reliable, principles and methods. In response to Daubert v. Merrill Daw Pharmaceuticals ( 509 U.S. 579 (1993), and other cases applying the Daubert standard. Under the Daubert standard the expert’s theory must be…

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  • Social Media As Evidence In Employment Law

    Social Media as Evidence in Employment Law Social media has been a big part of today’s world. Not only is it being used for one’s personal life, but it has started to seep through into the business world as well. As technology enhances, social media is being used even more in the new generation along with the older generation that has gotten the hang of it. Whether it be a positive or a negative, the growth of it is starting to be part of evidence when it comes to the work place environment but…

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  • Religious Analysis Of Miracles Essay

    As previously stated, a miracle violates the laws of nature as they are understood in a timeframe. We can further consider them events that exceed the productive power of nature. For example, imagine a leaf moving through the air in the absence of wind and forces. According to our understanding of the laws of nature, this is impossible, and thus exceeds nature’s abilities. Furthermore, a miracle is not akin to an anomaly. The latter is simply an unlikely and rare event, but does not violate the…

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  • Online Fraud Case Study

    ISSUE Under Arkansas case law regarding the tort of fraud, does an online purchaser of a sword have a claim for actual fraud, when (1) the sword that the seller displayed online turned out to be a replica; (2) the seller was gifted the sword from his brother, and only pulled the sword from the sheathing once prior to placing it in storage; (3) the seller afforded the buyer the opportunity to inspect the sword prior to the sale but the buyer declined due to time constraints; (4) the seller…

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  • Elder Mistreatment Case Study: Overview In His Home

    Elder Mistreatment Case Study This case study was concerning the health and safety of Mr. Edward McKay in his home. Mr. McKay is an 82 year old gentleman who after suffering two cerebral vascular accidents has been left with left sided hemiplegia and is unable to speak. He is bedridden with bilateral lower extremity contractures, incontinent, dysphasic and dysphagic. Mr. McKay’s physical condition alone would require total care on a 24 hour basis to assist with feeding, changing and turning…

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