Child Abduction Investigation

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Introduction This world is comprised of men, women and children. Every day, there is a new child that is born. Every day there is also a child that is reported missing. According to the National Child Kidnapping Facts, there is a small percentage of children that go missing or has been abducted by a stranger each day (1%) (National Child Kidnapping Facts, 2003). In this body of work, a detailed examination of investigation procedures involving child abduction that results in homicide will be explained. In addition to that, the methods for collecting evidence as well as the main investigation techniques that would be used to investigate the murder in this case will be outlined.
Keywords: Child, abduction, investigation, murder, kidnapping
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If the victim is living, certain steps would need to be taken but, for the purpose of this body of work, these steps will be skipped and the latter will be discussed. Before the removal of the victim, photos of the victim’s position at the scene would need to be taken, this can only happen if time and circumstances permit it. If they do not, notes need to be made of the victim’s position for reporting purposes. Obtaining physical evidence of the victim is important. Important evidence such as hair, loose fibers, etc. needs to be retrieved and secured properly. Notes and time received as well as who recovered the pieces of evidence is of vital importance. Not taking the time to do so can result in the evidence being deemed useless in court. Once this is done, the body can be removed by placing a cloth over the victim and moving the body the shortest distance possible. The examination of the ground beneath the victim is important too. Examining the deceased upon removal is important as well. More evidence may become visible once the victim has been removed. Collecting physical evidence that is available on the victim or close by (shoes, personal effects, clothes, etc.) can be vital to the investigation. Next, the agency investigating this crime …show more content…
The one of the steps in the aforementioned is questioning witnesses. In this case, that would be questioning the brother of the victim. Firsthand account and possible description of the suspect is of importance. Once the information is documented along with the date and time of the interview, the scene of the crime would need to be processed. Taking photographs of the scene and surrounding scenes of the crime is vital. This provides investigators with the ability to not only capture evidence via photograph or videotaping, this also allows investigators to examine anything that might have not been collected into evidence to be retrieved and documented. Once the autopsy of the victim is completed, any evidence that is available from the body needs to be collected and documented appropriately. Lab testing of any evidence provided needs to be done as well. (Mitchell, 1997) In this particular case, any evidence found on the victim will provide clues as to who abducted and murdered him. Nail scrapings, fibers in hair, loose fibers on his body as well any DNA evidence found on the victim or in the victim can be tested and processed through the offender database that could provide a match to the perpetrator that committed the

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