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  • Mental Status Examinations (MSE)

    Mental Status Examinations (MSE) are semi-structured assessment interviews designed to evaluate the client’s current cognitive process, while focusing primarily on psychiatric diagnoses versus neurological functioning (Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan, 2014). As an examiner, ideally, you should be able to “balance emotional sensitivity with appropriate objective detachment” (Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan, 2014, p. 250). Additionally, as with any interview or assessment, it is crucial to remain mindful about cultural differences, as well as becoming knowledgeable in multiculturalism. Individuals working, as physicians, psychotherapists, and counselors should expect to receive training on MSE skills in order to be educated about assessing…

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  • Importance Of Entrance Examination

    In fact, my grades were not good when in junior high school. I began to don’t study hard in eight grade, I felt that hangout with friends is the most important and the study is torture us. However, one stoke, three-year junior high school life had end by the examination method, this examination called entrance examination for secondary school. The points of entrance examination for secondary school decide whether we can enter key high school or not, even will have an indirect influence on our…

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  • Professional School Counseling Experience

    Chae gave us the following information on study guides available at the UNCP Livermore Library: Mastering the National Counselor Examination and the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination by Erford, Hays, Crockett, and Miller, the Encyclopedia of Counseling by Rosenthal, the Study Guide for the National Counselor Examination and CPCE Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination by A. A. Helwig, and that additional information about Study Guides: http://www.nbcc.org/Exam/StudyGuides .…

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  • Female Breast Examination

    Physical Examination of the Female Breast Physical examination of the female breasts is an important screening method and should be performed by all women periodically (Gotzsche, 2015). The process is useful in early detection of breast cancer which could help in improving the prognosis of the patient. The physical examination and its principles should be learnt by all women as the procedure can be performed at home independently, especially by individuals who are genetically predisposed to…

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  • Physical Examination Essay

    Physical Examinations: The process of physical examination is varying due to severity of the disease. At the very onset, normal examination of physical health is taken by a physician. It is focused on the prolonged expiration. Hyperinflation may occur with relevance due to the severity of disease and increase airway obstruction. Other features of a severe disease include increased anterior posterior diameter of the chest and a depressed diaphragm with limited movement based on chest percussion.…

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  • The Importance Of Atshonesty In Examination

    students may cheat in colleges, disregarding the effects it has on them and others around and the punishments with consequences they may face due to their actions. It is a persisted problem in the education, not within our country, but others as well; that makes the quality of our education is increasingly diminished. Attitude dishonesty in examinations is also a growing problem as headaches for educators. Negative in examinations is causing great harm, which affects…

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  • Examination On Police Brutality

    Examination on Police Brutality America’s legacy of freedom and independence has come to define our nation and be a great source of pride. However, after myriad cases of police brutality appearing across various media outlets, many are beginning to doubt the extent of our equality and if it applies to all citizens. This is particularly highlighted in the video footage that has surfaced, exposing the use of excessive force by police officers on civilians, causing many to question the…

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  • Importance Of Examination Essay

    Without a shadow of doubt, examinations are part and parcel of every single student’s life. All students will ultimately face with examination at some point of their education journey. Undoubtedly, examination do plays a crucial role in student’s education by representing a mile stone for the next level of education. Not only that, there is a stereotype thinking in human that students who enrol into a prestigious school have better abilities than students who are in an average school. What is…

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  • Plato's Examination Of Order

    Human thought, activity and organization of life all suggest that order exists in this universe. The ability people have to limit chaos and develop systems that encourage teamwork and prosperity is astounding. Although sin can limit the scope of manmade order, humankind has done an adequate job of using their brains to come up with processes in order to deal with their surrounding environment and fellow people. This can be seen throughout history, all the way from the beginning of everything up…

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  • Examination Day And Unwind Analysis

    The moment I started to read Examination Day, I knew there would be a twist in the story because of the way twelve-year-old Dick’s parents behaved. His parents were apprehensive the whole time, and if they had actually thought Dick would pass, they wouldn’t have acted so worried. When the mother told Dick that it was a “government exam”, I made a connection with Unwind, since both stories were built off the government. Unwind, a story about unwanted children who are brought to a place for…

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