The Importance Of Atshonesty In Examination

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Learning is a process of training hard in life. Learning is not only for the resources, but to make beautiful personalities, and give people the success in life. All begin with the good grades in school, and a graduation from the colleges. That lead to a bigger problem, in which students may cheat in colleges, disregarding the effects it has on them and others around and the punishments with consequences they may face due to their actions. It is a persisted problem in the education, not within our country, but others as well; that makes the quality of our education is increasingly diminished. Attitude dishonesty in examinations is also a growing problem as headaches for educators. Negative in examinations is causing great harm, which affects …show more content…
Objectivity is due to factors external influences, such as pressure to achieve high performance from their parents, teachers; This phenomenon occurs due to popularity and become a bad habit in the students community. Song "attitude dishonesty in examinations", only by a subjective reason, which is from the consciousness of the students. During exams, dishonesty is cheating, using documents and copying all, is stealing the knowledge ... Many students by school or homework lazy level yet, come to class having an exam, because I want to get good grades should have been dishonest, cheating, watching you ... that 's all misconduct should condemn and severely criticized. By cheating in examinations leave plenty of unpredictable harm. First of all, when you 're cheating you become a prisoner being dependent on the virtual knowledge. What psychological rely a sneaky way that you are always in the passive voice in the fight and is very difficult to escape. You do all depend on books, on the knowledge of others, so the results will not be true and good. Furthermore, fraud will facilitate you getting into bad habits that others laziness, dependence and deception. If fraud once the trot will make you intend recidivism add one, two and possibly several more times. Because you think: What should have had to learn to do for tired people, a lot of work. Just "ingenious" a little learning is not what has been the high point, are sometimes honored, too. And so the more you push deeper into the mire of sin. You only think about the immediate benefits (high scores), but forget not to think enormous harm of his dishonest attitude. You do not feel a pang to his heart or what? Then you have to think about if they are detected, you 'll lose the trust of the people, be assessed and recognized in a different way. Moreover, you will be reprimanded before the disciplinary council, are bad

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