Honor Codes: The Importance Of Cheating In Schools

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Technology today allows students to easily access information that may be used to plagiarize on their school work and exams. In light of the problems with plagiarism, honor codes and systems have become increasingly popular to prohibit the amount of cheating in schools. While my school currently has an honor code, it would be better to revise it so the student culture regarding the code will improve and to ensure that students desire to succeed and do well on their work. To begin, student culture regarding the honor codes at their schools is essential because it determines whether or not the rules would be taken seriously. There may be an honor code that is strictly enforced, but if students have no part of the process and are only punished, …show more content…
Cheating and plagiarizing hurts the student more than it helps, but with a lack of interest and desire to do well, the student may disregard that possibility. Some students may do even better in an environment where cheating is less common because of an honor code, as represented in Alyssa Vangelli’s article. It makes sense that she has criticisms about a new honor code because not everyone will agree, but once it gets revised and makes students want to prevent cheating, students will end up doing better in school. A less excessive amount of writing a code and consequences and more focused on increasing the moral values of maintaining integrity will aid the success rate of students. Additionally, an increased moral value against cheating and a belief in themselves, students will be more encouraged to reduce the amount of cheating that occurs in school. These ideas are supported by the article “New Honor Codes for a New Generation” because the more efforts a school makes to make students want to improve their own work and do it on their own and make the community itself a greater supporter of academic integrity, less students will make cheating seem like an action that is not detrimental to their success and the success of

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