A Question Of Honor By Mark Edmundson Essay

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Self fulfillment comes with the pleasure of getting into college and getting a degree. After all, a college education sets students up to have a job once college is over. In the short story, “Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here?”, by Mark Edmundson, Edmundson talks about how college is suppose to be self fulfillment. Students must take advantage of every opportunity in college to follow your own dreams and not just take the fulfilling job but the one they want. Also, William Chace addresses in his story, “A Question of Honor”, that cheating needs to be cleaned up and fixed before it becomes a problem. Many choices are given to you in college, you have to earn it and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way because it might not come again. Edmundson and Chace examine the ways in which universities play a key role in the problem of “anti-intellectualism” in America. First off, understanding is a resource that let Edmundson take advantage of the possibilities and opportunities that were available to him to strive through college. Colleges give students the chance to see what major they want to study and what they are interested in. Self fulfillment is what the standard student is looking for when students graduate. Students only want to be able to get a stable job out of college because being poor in America is failing. Students lives are to be college students when they are at school and they cannot lose focus or lose sight of their vision by parties. In…

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