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  • Argument Essay: Fair Use Of Intellectual Property

    In my own knowledge, fair use is one of the concept of intellectual property right, and it is a kind of unauthorized imitation in order to be used for certain protective purposes. Basically, it is used in some academic works such as essay, jounal or report etc. The definition of fair use refers to any copying of copyrighted materials done and transformative purpose. Also, according to the book of Invention, Copyright, and Digital Writing, the 2010 Joint Strategic Plan did acknowledge the importance of fair use and protecting the ability to exchange information for purposes of teaching and learning, which shown fair use benefit the academic using for the education. However, some may use this right to parody. For example, copying some confidential information in some large-scale project in some enterprises or…

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  • Who Benefits Most From Intellectual Property Rights Case Study

    And then, second idea would be using Rights of property. Of course, it look like the same with first part but it would focus on different problem in the law. It would be related to the tort. The tort was a problem which the company can’t avoid now. And, Tort often occurs almost as an established fact in this era of diversified competition and frequent vicious competition, so company’s intellectual property right would be more and more important because it would be most power weapon for firm when…

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  • Ethical Ethics Of Epipen

    The reason behind it all boils down to intellectual property rights. Meanings they own the rights to create such medicine and no one can either make it quite the same or no one else can make it at all; depends on the patents at hand. For example, with the Epipen; Mylan owns ninety percent of the epinephrine industry which means they control mostly what happens with epinephrine and what not. They 've created a monopoly because they are the deciding factor to drugs like the EpiPen. It 's kind of…

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  • Nike Intellectual Property Rights Case Study

    The definition of Intellectual Property Rights is an invention created from a person or company’s idea which is then patented for the legal rights to the concept. The apex of the amalgamation of Intellectual Property Rights and the global south is during a September 1986 meeting with the GATT member states in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The Quad (United States, Europe, Canada, and Japan) wanted to push an idea during the eight round of discussions that, “to preserve as much as possible their…

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  • From Goods To A Good Life Analysis

    Linda was a composer in South Africa who recorded a song that would change the world. Once he produced this song, it crossed the Atlantic Ocean where it was transformed into The Lion Sleeps Tonight. This song then found its way into The Lion King, and made millions of dollars for Disney, but only provided $1 for Linda. He would later go on to die from his illnesses that could have been treated if he was provided proper compensation for his song. Sunder blames Linda’s death on Disney and their…

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  • Tmpa Case Study

    relocated to Nauru. This case brought up two issues relating to the law of the sea, namely; the duty to give assistance and the right to innocent passage (both discussed above). The flag state of Tampa was Norway and it claimed that Australia had violated the right of innocent passage, had refused entry into its territorial sea and breached Article 24(1) of UNCLOS. However, Australia argued that this passage was a clear violation of its laws on immigration, a field over which it has…

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  • Individualism And Collectivism Analysis

    Last but not least, one of the most important shared themes between these two novels is individualism and collectivism. This theme appears vividly in every inch of both novels thus it indicates that although Orwell and Huxley imagined two complete different futures of their current societies, in some cases such as this, they had the same type of advanced point of view. In general, individualism and collectivism are two co-existing different ideologies that oppose one another. Individualism is a…

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  • Essay On The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night

    British author Mark Haddon wrote the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The story revolves around a young boy called Christopher John Francis Boone who investigates the murder of a neighbor’s dog, which leads him to a journey that will change his life forever. Despite his mental illness, he learns to face the difficulties of his world and to be capable of everything he can do. Because of these unique characteristics, I find this book one of the best books I have ever read.…

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  • Christopher Boone

    Everyone is taught that honesty is crucial to living peacefully; Christopher Boone however cannot say the same. In Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Christopher encounters countless problems when he lets his curiosity get the best of him. Through a psychoanalytic lens, readers are able to spot several different themes throughout the novel, feel the ultimate struggles the characters go through, understand the rough feelings of frustration with the main character…

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  • Arguments Against Racial Profiling In The United States

    discrimination. Racial profiling in the United States dates back to the 17th century when police officials were allowed to stop and detain Negroes. The practice has continued since that time despite the abolishment of slavery and American ideology of liberty and equal rights. In the modern age, several ethnic minority groups are victims of racial profiling including African Americans and Latinos. However, the latest and currently the biggest victims of racial profiling are the…

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