Examination On Police Brutality

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Examination on Police Brutality America’s legacy of freedom and independence has come to define our nation and be a great source of pride. However, after myriad cases of police brutality appearing across various media outlets, many are beginning to doubt the extent of our equality and if it applies to all citizens. This is particularly highlighted in the video footage that has surfaced, exposing the use of excessive force by police officers on civilians, causing many to question the legality of their actions. Rising tensions over lost loved ones and demeaning treatment have sparked protests and riots across the nation. There is, however, rising opposition to those claiming police mistreatment leading the nation to become divided …show more content…
Regardless of my position the situation contains apparent root and proximate causes that illuminate the reason they continue to happen. For instance, a black teenage student was assaulted by an officer in a classroom at Spring Valley High School. The officer was called to the classroom at the teacher’s request due to her refusal to put her phone away and leave the room. The assault was graphic as he dragged the young fifteen-year-old slammed her to the floor all while the teacher watched and one student filmed. Reports also surfaced from past graduates and students that this behavior is not uncommon at there school and has been occurring for years (Shen). The proximity cause in this situation is the students refusal to leave and the officer’s mistreatment and improper technique. In numerous cases of police brutality, slight disagreements is a common proximity cause, such as Sandra Bland, seen in numerous police brutality cases, including minor offenses and how they carry themselves (Trayvon Martin). This is specifically seen in the case of Mike Brown where his identifying feature filled with coded language, repeatedly stated by the media and Darren Wilson, was his “thuggish behavior”, “aggressive, demon, face…” and height, as their justification (Jaffe)(Piers). Theses direct causes of police brutality are simple things that typically should not lead to the level of harassment that the victims have suffered, which brings many to question the role of race and its relation it these cases. claiming it to be the root cause. The root cause for police brutality differs as I investigate deeper into the perplexity of this conflict resulting in a richer understanding of the situation. Moreover through the analyzation of these events as a collective rather than focusing on each

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