Exchange rate regime

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  • China Exchange Rate Policy Essay

    1: As per Exchange rate policy on 15th March 2015: A.] The recent changes in china’s exchange rate policy as exemplified on 15th March 2014 are:  China made its currency Yuan a much free floating currency by loosening and widening its daily trading limit against U.S dollar. (WSJ, 2014)  The china’s central bank and people’s bank of china set a daily trading rate called the parity rate for Yuan against the U.S.dollar, allowing the widening of the daily trading band to push from its current currency value at 1% to move freely upward or downward by 2% on a daily basis similar to the working of any other major currency (WSJ, 2014) B.] China has brought about these recent changes in its exchange rate policy because: a. It wanted to inculcate…

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  • How Does The Dollar Affect The Economy

    clothes; to stay healthy and live you need money to go to the doctors’ for annual check ups. The poor Committing a crime for needs is something that some may not have a choice but to do in this ruinous condition. Although crime and poverty are a major issue that will be caused by the devaluation of the American dollar, other financial issues in our economy are bound to alternate. America is not the only country with an issue in currency devaluation. The graph below by,"Gold Prices and Currency…

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  • Define Foreign Currency

    becoming too strong for some countries. Several countries around the world are still experiencing effects of the large-scale global recession that peaked in the United States in early 2009. Many countries are in a currency crisis or heading into a currency crisis. The article mentions that Brazil’s currency hit a 12-year low recently, and currencies in Southeast Asia are at levels experienced in the last financial crisis in the late 1990’s. The exchange rates in Mexico and South Africa are…

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  • Effects Of Dutch Disease In Nigeria

    as coal, lime stone, iron ore, etch, but the moment crude oil was discovered in the country, Nigeria became a mono product economy; depended mainly (90%) on crude oil income to finance the economy. For example, Shuaibu, & Mohammed, (2014), point out that, “over-reliance on crude oil for over 90 percent of Nigeria 's foreign exchange earnings makes its external account susceptible to international crude oil price fluctuations”. Edo (2013) concurred by pointed out how the performance of…

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  • The Importance Of Systemic Inequality In Ghana

    undermining systemic inequality. The Akan are the ethnic majority in Ghana accounting for 31-45% of the population, depending on reports. However they are not a uniform group, containing major sub-divisions based on linguistic divides of the Kwa language. The Asante and Fante are the most prominent sub-divisions of the Akan people. Idiosyncratically, this fragmented ethnic majority has allowed the concept of the oppressed group to shift through the various political regimes: as Rawlings…

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  • The Importance Of The Bretton Woods Agreement

    This later lead to the Burgenstock conference, which then would lead to further movement away from policies of the Bretton Woods Conference (Kasper, 2014, p.25). The Burgenstock Conference allowed the U.S. to leave the gold standard, which allowed great fluidity in the currency exchange markets. The article then concludes with the movement to begin again to peg currency as the 1960s have begun fading away from memory (Kasper, 2014, p.28). Furthermore, the freedom of foreign exchange markets…

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  • Caterpillar Corporation Case Analysis

    Some new political risks CAT might face are a change in political regime that results in the enactment of laws that are less favorable to the business or social unrest that results in abrupt changes in government policy. This is most likely to occur in countries where there are competing ideologies battling for political control or where economic mismanagement has created high inflation and falling living standards. With production in so many countries political risk is something CAT may face.…

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  • Characteristics Of An Authoritarian Regime

    democratic country it is hard for Americans to look at another regime type and think of it as having positive qualities. This is especially true regarding an authoritarian regime. Easily associated with Russia and thus the Cold War, seeing any good come from our once enemies regime is difficult. However just because proud Americans cannot see something does not mean it does not exist; there are positive qualities to an authoritarian regime type, especially when limited to looking at the short…

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  • Civic Culture In China

    Throughout history there have been three known regime wave changes. These changes occurred from around 1825 until 1995. Throughout this time there were “‘waves’ of ..[of both]…democratization…and ‘reverse waves’ of democratization’”(Samuels 2013a pp.121). As time has progressed more countries have turned towards a democratic government; however, certain factors have to be apparent in order for a country to successfully transform it’s governmental system. Even though “democracy reigns in almost…

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  • Essay On Mineral-Fluid Exchange

    proposed mechanism responsible for the mineral-fluid exchange in each reactor, quantify the rate of exchange and evaluate the impact of short-term exchange on geochemical proxies. Foraminiferal calcite is the foundation of many proxy-based reconstruction. Hence, understanding the mechanism of exchange and determination of rate of mineral-fluid exchange in foraminiferal calcite are critical for accurate estimation of the extent of post-formational alterations on carbonate-based proxies. The…

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