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  • Martin Luther's Critique Of The Roman Catholic Church

    point at which the Roman Catholic Church’s power was highly in question, not only by its own member, Martin Luther, but also, in turn, by the peasants and uneducated people who previously had no voice in the actions of the church. As previously mentioned, Luther made public his Ninety-five theses and three pamphlets which expanded on his already thorough critique. In this document, Luther targeted the clerical hierarchy which was the most powerful religious and political institution at the time The Roman Catholic Church not only guided spiritual lives, but also controlled wealth, served as political advisors and even served as de facto rulers. He went against the law, facing “both political and religious punishments: public penance, excommunication, exile, imprisonment and even execution”(Carter and Warren,…

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  • Importance Of Censura Librorum

    Excommunication does not necessarily mean that said person will no longer be able to go to heaven but that they cannot participate in church activities. A person can still regain this ability if they repent for what they did wrong. In the realm of censorship, person who stands to share an idea such that does not conform to Catholic values, will be excommunicated until they stop attempting to do so. Depending on the gravity of the situation, one can even be dealt with in more brutal terms such as…

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  • Martin Luther's Role In The Modern Era

    There are many people who had helped the modern era arise into its current-day situation. But there is one person that people can look up to, the person who had started this new social lens. His name is Martin Luther. Martin Luther is one of the most faithful adherents to Christianity. But, there was one thing that caught his attention, making him go against the core knowledge of Christianity, which was the church that rules Europe. The Roman Catholic Church was selling indulgences, which meant…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Reformation And Religion

    Argumentative Essay For centuries, great minds have examined the debate on the impact of the Reformation, Scientific Advancement and Explorers between the 16th and 18th centuries. Many events occurred, such as, the Reformation against the Roman Catholic Church popes which changed a lot of religions and peoples thoughts about the Roman Catholic Church. All of these events contributed to the idea that reformation and religion are better than scientific revolution and explorers. Thus reformation…

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  • Explain The Clash Between Henry And Gregory

    The German princes met in October that year to choose their new leader; however, no agreement was to be found then. Therefore, they presented Henry with a deadline for his penance, which expired on the eve of the first anniversary of excommunication. Consequently, Henry made a move that will ultimately become the stuff of legends and not in a good way for him. Immediately, he set out on a road trip to Italy begging for his penance. It was the middle of the winter and, having arrived at Canossa,…

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  • John's Relationship With The Church Analysis

    fact that the church held vast estates was an added incentive for a cash-hungry king to prolong the dispute'3. This opinion supports the view that the Interdict worsened John's relationship with the Church, due to the fact that John was prolonging the Interdict unnecessarily, for his own benefit. This would have had a negative impact on his relationship with the Church. This view is also supported by historian Dan Jones, who wrote that 'if there was one man in England who was entirely unbothered…

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  • Points Of The Fourth Lateran Council Analysis

    True penance was the only way to restore salvation after sinning. The Pope could insure that the people look to the Church for forgiveness and guidance in spiritual matters. He could make the faithful conform by holding excommunication over their heads. Obedience of the church followers was Pope Innocent’s primary goal. He insisted on the idea of one foal and one shepherd . Excommunication and dismissal from office awaited anyone found guilty of disobeying church principles. The new rules…

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  • Martin Luther's Influence On Society

    Since Pope Urban II sold the first indulgence, a “ticket” out of purgatory, in 1095, the Catholic Church has been overrun with corruption and malfeasance. Popes and priests took advantage of this broken system, in which they would profit at the expense of the common man. It was not until 1510 when Martin Luther, a devout Catholic monk who was having trouble with his faith, visited the holy city of Rome that change truly began. Instead of finding a holy city, he found ubiquitous greed,…

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  • Religion In The Canterbury Tales

    As officials of a corrupt church, the Summoner and Pardoner are not only entitled to a certain degree of respect and loyalty from their lowly followers, but are easily able to convert their strong religious faith into a dominant controlling power. The Summoner exploits the flaws in sinners by utilizing his power to threaten excommunication in exchange for a bribe; this misuse of religious influence goes against the traditional moralities of the church, however the ease at which he attains his…

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  • Power And Primacy Of The Pope Analysis

    For example, the Church sold indulgences for money while the citizens believed they were being forgiven of their sins. The writers believed the Pope “abused and defamed” his power (“Of the Power and Primacy of the Pope” 3-4). Throughout the document, the theologians argue the fraudulent ideals and behavior of the Pope and the Church. In “Exsurge Domine,” the Pope answers his critics, Martin Luther and his followers, by listing errors within Martin Luther’s ninety-five theses. Leo X refers to…

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