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  • The Importance Of Exchange Rates

    Exchange Rates The exchange rate is “the price of a currency in terms of another, e.g. how many U.S. dollars can be bought for one pound sterling” (Rutherford 140). Exchange rate ensures the connection of the national currency with other currencies, as well as a comparison of macroeconomic indicators of different countries. Ultimately, the exchange rate determines the purchasing power of a particular currency. The exchange rate has a significant effect on the country's foreign trade since the competitiveness of the country’s products in global markets depends to a large extent on its level. The exchange rate is necessary for the exchange of currencies in the trade of products and services, the movement of capital and credit. It is also necessary…

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  • Equilibrium Exchange Rate Essay

    Explain what is meant by an equilibrium exchange rate. The equilibrium exchange rate is commonly defined as the currency rate of exchange where both the currencies being supplied is equal to the demand for it (Economics Online, 2014). According to Glossary of Statistical term (2002), the equilibrium exchange rate that is equal to currency’s purchasing power parity. It is determined differently using different monetary standards. The equilibrium exchange rate can be stable in addition to being…

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  • China Exchange Rate Policy Essay

    1: As per Exchange rate policy on 15th March 2015: A.] The recent changes in china’s exchange rate policy as exemplified on 15th March 2014 are:  China made its currency Yuan a much free floating currency by loosening and widening its daily trading limit against U.S dollar. (WSJ, 2014)  The china’s central bank and people’s bank of china set a daily trading rate called the parity rate for Yuan against the U.S.dollar, allowing the widening of the daily trading band to push from its current…

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  • The PPP Theory: The Origin Of The Nominal Exchange Rates

    • Nominal exchange rate The nominal exchange rate is the value of one currency that can be exchanged in terms of another currency, that is, how much domestic currency is needed in order to purchase a foreign currency or vice-versa. For example, assume that 1 US Dollar costs Rs 35. The nominal exchange rate can be expressed in the following ways: 1 US Dollar = Rs 35, or 1 Mauritian rupee = 0.029 US Dollar A decrease in the Mauritian rupee towards the US Dollar is called an appreciation of the…

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  • What Are The Impact Of Macroeconomic Releases On Exchange Rates

    1.3 The impact of macroeconomic releases on exchange rates Economic releases have an important role in the foreign exchange markets. Indeed, macro announcements produce effects on both returns and volatility. Neely and Dey (2010) show that researchers have long studied the reaction of foreign exchange returns to macroeconomic announcements and by doing so, they are now able to infer how markets react to news and how order flow helps impound public and private information into prices. Also,…

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  • Trade-Weighted Measure Of Nominal Effective Exchange Rates

    \textbf{Trade-wighted measure of exchange rates volatility}: The trade-weighted exchange rates, commonly known as Nominal Effective Exchange Rates (NEER), is the geometric weighted average of a basket of bilateral exchange rates (Klau and Fung 2006). Real EER (REER) is the nominal EER adjusted with the respective relative price index. Here the weights are based on manufacturing trade flows including both bilateral trade and third-market competition by double-weighting. The BIS EER calculation is…

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  • Advantages Of Floating Exchange Rate

    A fixed rate is a rate the government or in most cases the central bank sets and maintains as the official exchange rate. A set price will be determined against a major world currency. The most common currency countries usually fix to is the U.S. dollar. The local exchange rate is maintain by the central bank buys and sells its own currency on the foreign exchange market in return for the currency to which it is pegged. According to Xu unlike the fixed rate, a floating exchange rate is…

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  • The Importance Of Exchange Rate Risk Management

    The second selection is exchange rate determination and behavior/exchange rate risk management. Exchange rates of one country will be different from another country due to supply and demand. These are rates are changing everyday and are found on financial markets by banks. The exchange rate of a country is important for the country’s health and trade. Many factors can alter a country’s exchange rate, such as inflation, interest rates, account deficits, economic performance and political reasons.…

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  • Explain Why Do Developing Countries Need Fixed Exchange Rate

    Developing countries need fixed exchange rates Introduction This essay will discuss the statement do developing countries need fixed exchange rates. Firstly, as part of this introduction it will define what developing countries are and explain what an exchange rate is. Secondly, it will explain what the different types of exchange rate there are. Thirdly, it will describe the advantage of a fixed exchange rate. Fourthly it will discuss the disadvantage of a fixed exchange rate. Lastly, it will…

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  • The Impacts Of Exchange Rate Volatility

    The increasing of exchange rate volatility, especially after the break-down of the Bretton Woods Agreement Accord in 1993, and the advent of floating exchange rates regime, has been a constant source of concern for both policy makers and academics. The adaption of floating exchange rates regime by several countries and the subsequent occurrences of recurrent exchange rate volatilities around several economies called for a thorough investigation on the impacts of exchange rate volatility on…

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