Emergency medicine

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  • Emergency Medicine In China Essay

    In 1986 the Chinese Association of Emergency Medicine was established and brought about three specific areas in emergency care; prehospital medicine, emergency medicine and critical care medicine which differs from China’s current model of emergency medicine (China’s emergency medicine, 2011, p. 286). Prior to 1986 emergency medicine consisted of practitioners for medical subspecialties to deliver emergency care but only in their own area of expertise in the emergency department. However, with China’s population growth and the influx of mobile migrants from its rural areas along with the increase in various types of patient complaints, emergency medicine itself is becoming a specialized field of…

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  • Emergency Medicine Personal Statement

    The buzz of indiscernible conversations and clamour of the emergency department (ED) faded into the distance as I felt the burning gaze of everyone in the room. The rhythmic beeping of the oxygen saturation monitor intensified as if taunting me, challenging me. I became cognizant of how tremulous and sweaty my hands were as I pleaded for the endotracheal tube’s cooperation. After what felt like an eternity, I heard the words I had been desperately waiting for, “breath sounds bilaterally.” While…

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  • Emergency Medicine Internship Paper

    The Department of Emergency Medicine internship involves highly talented researchers and physicians working together on clinical trials, and are allowing students to work on their research to get a glimpse into the medical field. The mentors were undergraduate students once so they understand the importance of getting hands on experience with medicine. The George Washington Hospital is a teaching hospital so they strive to help students in a way that will allow them to grow. There are only seven…

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  • Why Medicine Is A Clmination Of My Experience In The Emergency Department

    My decision to pursue medicine is a culmination of my experiences throughout college. I entered my freshman year with the mindset to create an impact on the medical field. I relentlessly sought medical opportunities and immersed myself in this intriguing field. Through my experiences volunteering and working, I was reassured that the ever-changing nature of medicine would allow me to utilize my skills to the fullest and challenge me daily. The dynamic nature of work in the emergency department…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Shadowing Experience

    For my assignment, I shadowed the emergency room on a weekend. I shadowed two nurses whom had different patients. As soon as I got there, patients already began to flood in. I wouldn’t say it was hectic, but my nurses definitely kept me busy observing them. The first patient to come in was an older female. She was screaming of stomach pains and had vomited that morning. Her family brought her in themselves. The nurse first observed her body by feeling her stomach. She had a slight hernia, which…

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  • Registered Nurse Competencies Paper

    (Moran, 2015). The provider needs to review the benefits, risk and alternatives of telepsychiatry with the patient. Prior to preceding the provider needs to answer any questions the patient may have and obtain their consent to continue. Benefits Everyday patients turn to the Emergency Department to receive help that they could not find anywhere else. The American College of Emergency Physicians Emergency Medicine Practice Committee (ACEP) indicates an increasing percentage of these patients…

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  • Urgent Care In Emergency Room

    When an illness or injury appear out of nowhere, you would usually go to an emergency room, but no one is being helped fast enough at an emergency room, so instead, people have turned to one of the fastest-growing segments of American health care: urgent care, a walk-in clinic. Although urgent care is not exactly like an emergency room, it is a clinic that handles many medical problems that are not too severe but need to be treated right away, especially if your primary care physician is not…

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  • Emergency Physician Career Paper

    the year was not exactly an emergency physician, it was actually a nuclear and radiological engineer. While yes engineering more closely matches my personality type and newly sparked interest, the title of emergency physician still very much intrigued me. Even though I am still torn between the two I have chosen the Emergency Physician career to further explore in depth. Growing up I always thought I would later pursue a career in the medical field whether it be a pediatrician to even a…

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  • Emergency Care System

    In The US Emergency Care System: Meeting Everyday Acute Care Needs While Being Ready for Disasters, Nicole Lurie, Gregg S. Margolis, and Kristin L. Rising, state important points to why an Emergency Room should only be utilized as Urgent Care. The article was written as part of research an attempt to improve better outcomes in Emergency Departments. They are in search of a suitable action plan to suit both the non emergent and emergent situations. This paper will review the authors purpose to…

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  • Malpractice Case: Alterations In The Emergency Department

    pronounced dead. Departure from professional standards of nursing care: In every nursing malpractice case the defendant nurse's conduct is measured against that of a reasonably prudent nurse under the same or similar circumstances. Departure from the professional standards of nursing care for the first admission to the emergency department included the following deviations: · Failure to assess Cindy Black comprehensively upon discharge · Failure to assess the patient systematically for the…

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