Emergency Medicine Internship Paper

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The Department of Emergency Medicine internship involves highly talented researchers and physicians working together on clinical trials, and are allowing students to work on their research to get a glimpse into the medical field. The mentors were undergraduate students once so they understand the importance of getting hands on experience with medicine. The George Washington Hospital is a teaching hospital so they strive to help students in a way that will allow them to grow. There are only seven academic Departments of Emergency Medicine in the United states, so the interns will be able to gain experience and knowledge that many students wouldn’t be able to if they worked at another hospital.
In the Department of Emergency Medicine, there is a team of principal investigators, senior research associates, junior research associates, a clinical research study coordinator, and a section head. In addition, many professors teach the seminar portion of the internship. During the internship, students are paired with specific people on that team depending on their research interest. While these people are important during the internship, they do not
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Not only do they want pre-medical students, but also students who hold a strong interest for clinical research. They want students who are actually dedicated to making a change in the health career. To me the program seems to be good preparation for students who are pursing a MD/PHD program because the internship gives both clinical and research experience. The internship does not have a GPA requirement, but they do require two letters of recommendation. The program seems to care more about what you can bring to the program and how interested you are in medicine rather than a grade you received in a

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