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This paper is all about physician assistants and what they do for the medical field. Starting with who physician assistants are and what they do. Then this paper discusses what kinds of writing is involved with physician assistants. Patient notes, drug orders, and journals are just a few writings physician assistants must do. The writings must be written in a certain way in order to have a consistency in the medical field. Patient notes must be written in SOAP format, drug orders must have the correct information from both PA’s and physicians, and journals must be reliable and up to date on current medical issues.

Key words: Physician assistants, patient notes, examine, prescribes, journals, flexibility, medicine, drug orders.

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Concerns or issues that the PA feels the primary physician should know are written down. This allows the two to work together in order to provide the most effective care for the patient. During the examination the PA may learn the patient’s height and weight as well as any other basic information needed. They will also talk to the patient to find out more detailed information about the problem the patient is having, this information is then put into a clinical SOAP note. The note has four sections including subjective, objective, assessment/problem list, and plan3. Subjective is the history of the patient containing current medication and past operations. Objective uses the basic physical information such as height and weight. Assessment/problem list includes the PA’s valuation as well as the problems listed in numerical order. The plan section is where the PA and the main physician decide what is best for the patient. All of this information is tremendously important in order to prescribe the correct medicine or perform the necessary care …show more content…
Not only do PA’s write journals but also read colleagues as well. This is critical for PA’s to complete on a daily basis, in order to stay up to date on new medical information. The next step to writing the journals is publishing them. A major website used by PA’s is the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. “JAAPA’s mission is to support the ongoing education and advancement of Pas by publishing current information and research”4. Original research and brief reports are certain types of journals published others may be case reports and reviews. According to Erin Metcalf, she uses JAAPA constantly and uses the information learned from the journals to help aid patients daily. Keeping up to date in the medical field is extremely important in order for citizens to receive the best medical aid possible.
Physician assistants have a lot of work on their plate throughout the work day. Writing is an extreme part of the job and without it, the job would be impossible. If there weren’t patient notes, drug orders, or journals the medical field would be utter chaos. There would be no records of patients, no way of pharmacists to know what a patient might need, and no way of staying up to date with new discoveries in the medical field. Luckily physician assistants are there to

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