Why I Want To Become A Cardiologist

As an only child growing up in a middle class family, I learned the value of helping others through my parents. My hard working parents were brought up in Bangladesh, a third-world country in South Asia with devastating poverty. Moreover, my parents are very strict and disciplining individuals; they both loved to help others regardless of their physical endurance, mental health, or economic stability. As role models, they reared me in the belief that my goals in life should include lending a helping hand to others. Furthermore, my empathy for others has encouraged me to aid those in need. As a result, I plan to pursue a career in medicine in the hopes of becoming a cardiologist. Furthermore, I plan on returning to Laredo, Texas (my home town) …show more content…
If I get accepted into the program, I will then go to UT Health Science Center to complete my M.D. Upon acceptance to this program, I plan to study Pre-Med at TAMIU for two reasons. First, I have heard that the FASTS program at TAMIU is excellent and prepares its students for medical school. In addition to this, studying at TAMIU will enable me to be close to my family. By going into this program, I will be exposed to the practice of medicine, attend academic seminars to strengthen my medical school preparation, and learn communication skills that are needed in order to become a successful doctor. Medicine is an intriguing field and one in which I hope to realize my dreams of helping others in need. In addition, I plan to pursue my dream of becoming a cardiologist. As I have matured along the way, I have realized how many people are in need, and I want to be that doctor who ministers to those in need. I want to be that doctor who makes a difference to inspire others to have a helping mindset. I want to be that doctor who gives hope when it seems that all hope is

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