Application Essay: My Passion To Pursue Medicine

vI have the drive and the passion to pursue medicine and I believe that medicine is a strong fit for me. I have worked hard throughout my undergraduate years to make this dream of mine a reality. I have experience working and volunteering in various medical settings and these experiences have helped me gain understanding of how the medical field works as well as shape my goals and aspirations for the future.
One of my most memorable experiences was volunteering as a medical intern at Dr. Liu’s primary care office. The experience gave me the opportunity to work in a clinic and observe what the day-to-day professional life of a doctor entails. I learned about the work involved before seeing a patient including checking for insurance eligibility and prescription use. I learned how to check patient 's vital signs and how to take notes during a medical appointment and upload those notes into patients ' health records. I was able to form strong bonds with the patients over the course of my internship which I particularly enjoyed. The clinic felt like a close community with all the interns, staff and Dr. Liu working closely together in order to provide care for the patients and getting to know them in the process. I truly loved the community aspect of working at a doctor 's clinic and I cherished the bonds that I had been able to form with the patients. I realized how vital a strong patient doctor relationship was and
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I have worked in clinics as well as emergency rooms and have observed doctors and patients in both settings. I have seen how the help of a caring doctor can ease a patient’s fears, and how a patient-doctor relationship can become a strong bond that lasts for many years. The doctors that I have worked with have motivated me in my career goals and I look forward to the day when I can practice like

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