Personal Essay: Why I Want To Become A Doctor

Becoming a Doctor
I decided I wanted to become a doctor less than a year ago. Arriving at college back in August, I was still skeptical about whether or not it was truly what I wanted to do with my life considering my only reason for becoming a doctor was that I liked the human anatomy and helping people. However, this course and its various intriguing readings and lectures have provided me with significant insight to the world of medicine beyond the basis of diagnoses and prescriptions. The information about the numerous aspects of medicine in the articles we have read have only fueled my interest in becoming a doctor by giving me the proper information on what the job of being a doctor truly entails.
Ever since I can remember I have seen
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In this course we have read articles with accounts from doctors about their patients, as well as accounts from our guest speakers and Doctor Sonnenberg. Some of these stories were quite scary in the fact that the patients sometimes died, but what I realize, and I would assume most, if not all, doctors realize, is that people die. People should not be afraid of going to the doctor out of fear of death, nor should doctors be afraid of doctoring out of fear of killing someone. In Complications, it is said that “medicine is…a strange and in many ways disturbing business” (Gawande 4). This is intriguing to me. The wonders of medicine may seem strange and disturbing if viewed at the surface level, but if really thought about, medicine is amazing and beautiful. I appreciate the idea of taking something that is not working, such as a patient’s body, and fixing it for the better. This is what healers, doctors, nurses, and anyone else in the medical field does. Taking on the responsibilities of being a doctor excites me for my hopeful future within the medical field, despite the burdens that will most definitely follow. Becoming a doctor would be a wise decision for me because I am truly passionate about the world of medicine. In Richard J. Light’s article, How to Live Wisely, he poses these questions: “Is it more important to you to have little, …show more content…
My original thoughts of doctors and their duty was solely based on the medicine, not on how the medicine relates to other aspects of life. My opinions about doctors have now changed, but definitely for the better. I now understand that the intricacies of medicine are just one thing doctors must understand, in addition to the intricacies of ethics, religion, and empathy. I was originally enthusiastic about becoming a doctor because I love human anatomy and the idea of helping people through doing something I love. Now I am more enthusiastic about becoming a doctor because I can create a bridge between the different aspects of society while still doing something I am passionate

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