College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Doctor

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I have thought about becoming a doctor ever since I was little. I did not truly understand the complexities of the job or the journey needed to become a doctor and I assumed anyone could do it. Years later, I truly realize how wrong I was, and also how little I knew. Yes, being a doctor means passing medical school, excelling in your studies and treating others, but there is another aspect people usually forget: heart and character. The world’s smartest person cannot succeed as a physician if he or she is not compassionate. I always excelled in my classes from kindergarten to 12th grade. I never stuck to a firm decision to pursue medicine but it was always on the back of my mind. When I applied to college, I still was not sure but I thought, “If I could pass those ‘hard’ science classes, then these college classes will be a piece of cake!” The overwhelming difficulty of my first college biology class took me by surprise. Why was I doing so poorly in a …show more content…
She said that I was making her and the other nurses’ lives much easier with my help and that the patients were definitely appreciative as well. She was happy that I helped provide more flow and assistance in their hectic lives. This is where I truly understood the purpose of being a doctor. Being able to take care and to talk to these patients on a daily basis gave me some perspective. I learned that being selfless meant more than serving others. It meant to totally give up your priorities to suit your patients’ needs. When I become a doctor, I wish to give them the same kind of care that these patients received from me. By using my experience and the nurses’ example, I can provide the best service possible. My volunteer experience was my wake-up call. It reminded me that medicine is the field I am truly passionate in. Today, I am confident and ready to take up the challenges and journey of

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