My Osteopathic Philosophy

My past medical experiences have helped me choose the type of medical road I want to take for my medical profession. I have chosen Osteopathic Medicine because the philosophy of it coincides with mine. Throughout my life, I have been exposed to many diverse environments, which I believe will better help me reach my desired ultimate goal of curing patients. I have also encountered a few hardships throughout my life, but many accomplishments as well. These experiences, I believe, have concluded the reason why I chose Osteopathic Medicine. They have also instilled in me the necessary qualities and values to be well prepared for medical school and become an exemplary physician once I graduate.
From my past and current medical experiences, especially
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In order to have better outcomes when curing patients or even attempting to do so, I strongly believe a physician needs to consider the current lifestyle of the patient instead of just their symptoms. By looking at their current lifestyle, a physician can suggest minor changes in order to avoid or lessen any additional symptoms. In addition, I believe that the body should be viewed as a whole and not as a collection of organs. If there is a possibility to cure certain illnesses by manipulating certain parts of the body, then this should be applied in addition to medication to have a faster positive outcome on the patient. Therefore, I have chosen Osteopathic Medicine, because its philosophy of patient-care matches mine. It takes a holistic approach on the patient and views the body as a whole not just as a collection of organs. This philosophy considers the person as a whole and takes into consideration social and mental factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of the disease in order to cure the …show more content…
I have volunteer with several minority and underprivileged outreach organizations, where I used my bilingual skills to better assist them medically and non-medically. I have also joined organizations on campus like the Pre-Health Honors Society (Alpha Epsilon Delta), where I was elected for a leadership position of an executive committee officer.
Whenever I become a physician I plan to serve the world, but especially the minorities in this country. Also, I plan to contribute in improving the medical education society lacks in order to improve the health of the world’s population in general.
Since I have decided to become a physician, I have exhibited dedication, passion for the profession, intelligence, adaptability, determination, and other exemplary characteristics that I am certain will aid me in my journey through my medical career. I know this road will not be an easy one, but my previously encountered hardships have prepared me for the ones to come and my accomplishments have motivated me to continue pursuing this profession. I am thrilled to begin this new chapter in my professional career and become an exemplary

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