Essay On Osteopathic Experience

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When I first decided to pursue a career in medicine, the osteopathic philosophy was not something I was very familiar with. I knew that I owed it to myself and even my future patients to research the profession and make it a priority to shadow an osteopathic physician. It took many cold calls and emails, but through the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Mentor Program I was eventually able to find an osteopathic physician, specializing in family medicine, that was excited to share the profession with me. Dr. Phuc Huynh, DO, invited me to spend the morning with him as he visited his patients in a skilled nursing facility. Conversing with Dr. Huynh about the osteopathic philosophy and observing him compassionately interact with his patients …show more content…
Huynh interacted with his patients at the facility and realized that I wanted to treat my future patients in the same way. One patient in particular stood out to me: he was a middle-aged man in the end stages of liver failure. More than just discussing the efficacy of his medications, Dr. Huynh took to the time to further his relationship with his patient by discussing his psychological well-being. This experience confirmed for me that the additional training osteopathic physicians receive will play an integral role in the way I intend to practice.

Dr Huynh invited me to observe him again on a second day as he visited his mentally-ill patients in a number of board-and-care facilities. Observing the doctor caring for these patients was unlike anything I had experienced thus far.

I still have much to learn about osteopathic medicine, but what I have encountered thus far has greatly influenced my decision to apply exclusively to osteopathic medical schools. I greatly appreciate the interest that Dr. Huynh has taken in me and his mentorship has imparted with me with the desire to make a positive difference in my community by practicing osteopathic medicine in a primary care specialty. Therefore, the next step in my career is to matriculate into the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Des Moines

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