Osteopathic Medicine Personal Statement Essay

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Osteopathic Medicine Personal Statement
As a child, I had the opportunity to grow up in Haiti, in doing so I had the opportunity to learn and interact with the culture in my early years. The remainder of my formal education was completed in the United States, but the experience that I went through in my early life in Haiti, I assumed helps mold and shape my optimistic perception of the future. Growing up within a disadvantaged community there were tough times, moments in which any individuals could not help but feel a sense powerlessness, those were some of the moments that shaped my views. This I believed have instill within me the motivation to help individuals in need. This mean in several occasions in which that I have an opportunity to
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After acquiring the medical knowledge I hope to transform this organization into one that operates medical facilities within highly underserved communities starting in the U.S and branched out abroad. The most recent medical brigade trip sponsored by the organization was a scheduled three weeks in Haiti, helped provide basic medical care and education to the underserved communities of “Cotes-de-Fer” and “Petit Goave.” The experience was eye opening in the sense that it helps me understand some of the logistics that are required to render a minimal level of care. That experience is unique from the position of working as a medic because we have not just provided care, but were deeply involved with the local population daily routine. That level of involvement helps us to properly educate the locals on the importance of hygiene and disease prevention. As a medic for the U.S Air Force, our patient trends were predictable and the supplies were to the very least adequate. During the trips in Haiti, there were plenty of patients and limited amount of resources. I feel that the experience was very rewarding and I am looking forward to expand this organization in the future. In the near future I am hoping to implement something more permanent in the country of Haiti. Additional education will help me in the process of managing the organization. The increase of medical knowledge will help me in the aspect of applying direct medical care to people.The overall decision to work within the medical field was shaped throughout my life experiences. I understand that given the opportunity to study medicine will also give me a chance to improve my tool set that I intend to directly use to alleviate some burden that are place upon the less

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