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  • Journalism Intern 101

    Journalism intern 101 Summer is here and you us college students that means visiting home, putting in extra hours at the part-time job, and catching up on sleep you missed due to bad time management. If you do not take time off then that means summer school to get your minor out of the way or partake in the beloved internship. As soon as you set foot on campus, the importance of solid internships gets beaten into your brain as they are great on a resume, can build connections, and can even be for pay, but we never learned exactly what separates an average internship from a beneficial internship or even how to be a good intern. A lot of college students typically do not even know how many internships we need for an optimal résumé. What specific…

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  • Why Should Interns Be Unpaid?

    1 Timothy 6:10 says, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” Recent national debate has shown interns are starting to grow angry at the fact they are not receiving pay for their work. Internships are unpaid programs that help college students get involved in the working world and showcase their skills. Unpaid programs such as these can be very successful tools. Internships provide very important and unique opportunities that can pave the way for their success but do not deserve…

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  • J1 Intern Personal Statement

    understanding--a purpose I know I must serve. And this was what drove me to fly 8,500 miles from the Pearl of the Orient to the Land of the Free. I am Jolina Chiong, currently in a hospitality and tourism management internship here at the Big Easy--New Orleans. It is a commendable collaboration of the U.S. Department of State, J1 Visa sponsors, and host organizations to establish this program as a platform for cultivating young professionals through experiential learning in a diverse work…

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  • Intern Experience In Human Service

    services/social work and possibly work in a hospital to care the patients. Instead, I might deal more with children (ages 16 years old and below) as examples from my experiences from my last two internships. As for how I got to this current position, it was from selecting internships between semesters. When ever a clinic I wanted to internship, I had to resort to my backup locations when ever a clinic is not looking or interested in an intern or got no response from them at all. At first, I…

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  • Internships Should Pay Students Essay

    and it costs money. Unpaid interns will only make it difficult for students because they are working for free. All the long hours of working on your feet might not be good, but internships do teach you a few things about what they are supposed to do while working. According to Anya Kamenetz essay she said “unpaid internships are not jobs, only simulations.” Most people will agree with this because an internship they will learn about that they would do if they were really in that job so it’s like…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship With The Binghamton Tennis Charities

    This gives them a taste of the sales side and I believe it was one of the best experiences I had with the internship. Since the organization is so short staffed, there is no getting out of the setup portion of the internship. The whole setup and the take down portion is mostly just manual labor. However, I believe it is a good experience because interns can gain a full understanding of what it means to setup a sporting event. Even though I am not a huge tennis fan, the challengers are pretty big…

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  • Personal Reflection: My Goal As A Social Worker

    treatment is provided by a licensed professional and therefore interns cannot provide services to some clients. I realized that there could be more than one issue correlating together which then impacts the quality of services offered. Finding ways to develop more funding would greatly benefit this population. It would allow longer treatment length which then provides the treatment team to apply different treatment methods if needed. I believe it could also be beneficial if the interns were to…

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  • Reflection Of A Site Supervisor On Camp Noah

    her from time to time and sort of getting the feel of the kind of person she is. From her academic accomplishments to her tremendous work experience outside the field, she has led a rewarding life. I’d hope as one of her interns at Camp Noah, I could undertake any task that is given to me with success and lead by example. Camp Noah is a week-long facility where I would have to “dorm” with other interns or people volunteering. There will be times I might be tired and not willing to get up at…

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  • Family Counseling Experience

    Interning at the Exchange Club Family Center throughout my fall semester has been an enriching experience. Deciding to intern with them has been one of the greatest decisions I have made as an undergraduate student, because I was able to gain first-hand experience in the counseling field. Being the only bilingual intern also gave me the opportunity to witness how family therapy is conducted since I was responsible for facilitating communication between the clinical counselor and our clients.…

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  • The Dehumanization Of Medical Education By Samuel Shem

    with an aspiration of the field itself being similar to what was described to them in medical school. Some students say that their years in medical school were easy, but soon came to the realization that what they’ve believed to be the best approaches in treatment are challenged as they enter their medical training. During medical training, interns are taught to follow the rules and regulations of the hospital when dealing with each patient and their specific illnesses. What they learned in…

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