J1 Intern Personal Statement

I yearned to view the world in a different perspective. I aim far beyond just experiencing the world first hand, seeing it through multiple lenses, and watching how it runs in the background. In fact, what I desire is to see where I must stand to give my maximum contribution to the global industry and multicultural understanding--a purpose I know I must serve. And this was what drove me to fly 8,500 miles from the Pearl of the Orient to the Land of the Free. I am Jolina Chiong, currently in a hospitality and tourism management internship here at the Big Easy--New Orleans.

It is a commendable collaboration of the U.S. Department of State, J1 Visa sponsors, and host organizations to establish this program as a platform for cultivating young professionals through experiential learning in a diverse work environment and globally competitive market. Coming from a developing country, young professionals like me greatly benefit from the doors of opportunity that the U.S. government open for us, which in turn will benefit our home country after we head back. The J1 intern program is indeed a
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Through this internship 's personality and emotional intelligence development benefit, I hope to emerge prepared and confident to be a future leader in an industry where diversity is valued, where neither race,language, culture nor beliefs are considered barriers but rather a "rich mixture of people resources" which will lead the team to success. Through mastering the art of open communication, diplomacy in the workplace,and respect towards all; I hope to expand my own professional network and build not just a corporate relationships, but also lasting friendships that extend beyond my current line of business. It fascinates me to learn from people from local roots and were able to establish global

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