Importance Of An Internship

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Journalism intern 101
Summer is here and you us college students that means visiting home, putting in extra hours at the part-time job, and catching up on sleep you missed due to bad time management. If you do not take time off then that means summer school to get your minor out of the way or partake in the beloved internship.
As soon as you set foot on campus, the importance of solid internships gets beaten into your brain as they are great on a resume, can build connections, and can even be for pay, but we never learned exactly what separates an average internship from a beneficial internship or even how to be a good intern. A lot of college students typically do not even know how many internships we need for an optimal résumé.
What specific
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“A minimum would be one for most fields but in journalism I think the bare minimum would be two,” said Renée Schafer Horton, University of Arizona Internship coordinator.
Horton has worked with the journalism program since 2001 as an academic-advisor so she knows all the qualities needed to succeed in this field. She believes that our generations, or “the millennials,” the nickname we are commonly referred as, gets an unfair label attached to them in the work area.
“Complaints about millennials are that they are viewed as entitled and lazy don not show up on time and do not show up professionally,” she said. “They (journalism interns in particular) Need to be tenacious professional and show up on time and look for a story instead of waiting for one to fall into their
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After the conclusion of the “Black Swan ' case," where two unpaid interns who worked on Darren Aronofsky 's movie sued Fox Searchlight Pictures for infringing the Department of Labor regulations, internship programs have been stricter on their regulations. Interns also are not always given the same harassment and discrimination securities as full-time employees so it is important they learn if they are protected when scouting possible internships. Often, interns do not ask questions about their rights and benefits for fear of rocking the boat and wanting to make a good impression but they need to confirm if they are covered and have not been

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