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  • Nuclear Energy Proposal

    • My topic is nuclear energy and my proposal is that the Unites States should utilize nuclear energy as the nation’s main power source. My research goals include finding statistics of refueling cycles and the reliability of nuclear, coal and gas power plants. In addition, I plan on finding what nuclear energy is and how it is produced. Furthermore, I need to understand the cost of building and running nuclear, coal and gas plants annually. The most important research goal is to find counterarguments to each of my main points and having evidence to back up each counterargument fairly. When I started my research, I looked for the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. I chose that as my starting point, because the disadvantages give…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Iranian Nuclear Proliferation

    For example for assurances and guarantees; the defends cooperation among US and South Korea that gave the type of insurance to South Korea to deter against any future nuclear attack from North Korea. The second and crucial solution to deter is to strengthen the international regime and United Nation organization such as International Atomic Energy Agency and the international treaty and convention related to…

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  • Should Nuclear Energy Continue

    world the question of “Should the use of nuclear energy continue?” Fukushima and many other critical junctures since the start of the first nuclear reactor in Idaho, in December 1951, have influenced changing attitudes towards nuclear energy throughout time. Nuclear power is one of the primary sources of energy, it provided over 19% of the total electrical output in the United States alone. (World nuclear association). While at some points of history the world seemed to favor the existence of…

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  • Plutonium Violations

    39, ‘Safe Handling of Plutonium’ ( IAEA, 1998). Plutonium is a man-made radioactive element that is made from uranium in nuclear reactors (Environmental Protection Agency, 2014). Much of the plutonium made was to be used for nuclear war. When plutonium decays it releases radiation. So do the other forms of isotopes. The half-live of these radioactive metals is anywhere from 87.7 to 6,560 years long (Environmental Protection Agency, 2014). One of the environmentally harmful violations, that…

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  • Nuclear Security In Turkey

    Nuclear Security: Following policy concerns worries about nuclear proliferation are perhaps the next biggest threat to the development of nuclear energy in Turkey. The crux of the issue is Turkey’s geographical location. Unfortunately, for much of the world Turkey is situated in a “dangerous neighborhood” where nuclear proliferation is a constant fear. Furthermore, Turkey has been depicted as a proliferation domino set to fall in a scenario where Iran develops or acquires nuclear weapons. As the…

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  • Coercive Diplomacy Case Study

    the threatened penalty into account.”1 The goal of coercive diplomacy is to not only stop North Korea but to reverse their nuclear proliferation as well. To take the approach of coercive diplomacy the adversary has to believe the threat given to them is potent enough so that they can stop what they are doing. America used coercive diplomacy several times with North Korea, such as applying economic sanctions and using the threat of war. Coercive diplomacy was first seen during the William Clinton…

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  • Iran's Nuclear Argumentative Essay

    Nuclear energy yields multiple uses. Obviously, it can be used for destruction and warfare in the form of a bomb. However, it is also used for technological advancements in agriculture and food, power and electricity, medical treatment, and so on. Of late, controversy has erupted over the decade plus long debate of the nuclear aptitudes and capacities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The recent hopes of multiple countries have been to deal with this matter by achieving what is known as the Joint…

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  • Zero Sum Logic Essay

    The proper Global Security role of the United States in the international order over the next 20 years will need to be a “lead by example mentality.” There needs to be a better U.S. and China (G2) relationship in order to tackle the major ecumenical quandaries the world faces such as climate change, economic imbalances, nuclear proliferation, and interventions in failed states, terrorism, energy, and food security. The U.S. needs to take the initiative and dissever itself from the notion of “the…

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  • Sustainable Development Goals Analysis

    The UN has recently drafted a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that they aim to achieve by 2030 in different fields such as energy. Indeed, the UN aims to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all” (Proposal for Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform). Are targets measurable? 7.1 This target can be measured by combining both population and energy consumption data. That way, an energy consumption per capita unit…

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  • Nuclear Energy Safeguards

    There are many danger’s associated with nuclear energy in modern society. One of the main concerns of international organisations all over the world is the use of nuclear resources to make weapons of mass destruction. Due to this there are many regulations surrounding the distribution of nuclear materials in every country that has a nuclear energy programme. There is also great interest in monitoring of nuclear materials in the international community. The E.U. (European Union) is one of the…

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