Benefits Of Nuclear Energy

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• My topic is nuclear energy and my proposal is that the Unites States should utilize nuclear energy as the nation’s main power source. My research goals include finding statistics of refueling cycles and the reliability of nuclear, coal and gas power plants. In addition, I plan on finding what nuclear energy is and how it is produced. Furthermore, I need to understand the cost of building and running nuclear, coal and gas plants annually. The most important research goal is to find counterarguments to each of my main points and having evidence to back up each counterargument fairly. When I started my research, I looked for the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. I chose that as my starting point, because the disadvantages give …show more content…
My third source was a link found on the bottom page of my second source; the third source was a joint report between the Nuclear Energy Agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency. It gives a complete analysis of uranium such as the supply, demand and even national reports on the resources, production and exploration of uranium in different countries. This information will be utilized in the aspect of statistics on which countries use nuclear power and which do not. At this point in my research I needed to changed my search criteria from the positives of nuclear energy, and alternative fuel for the plants to the cost of building and running a nuclear plant. This change in search criteria led me to my fourth source, which was written by Ian Schultz. This source gives a deconstructed financial plan to building a nuclear power plant which supports my idea of cost effective energy. “Unmatched Reliability” is the fifth source that I looked at. My fourth source mentioned the cost of a nuclear power which led me to search the reliability, because theoretically the power plant has to pay for itself. This source …show more content…
The most credible source would be “Murkowski: Nuclear Energy Crucial to Future of U.S. Energy Policy”, because it is a database and has information that is a year old. The least credible source would be “CO2 emission of electricity from nuclear power stations”, because the article seems to mock the counterarguments that it contains.
• The position I will take is that the United States should utilize nuclear energy as its main source of power. The reason I am taking this position is because there are many advantages to nuclear energy and in my mind it outweighs the disadvantages. The United States needs a more cost effective, low emission and reliable source of energy.
• I will use Mathias Aarre Maehlum’s article, “Unmatched Reliability”, “Murkowski: Nuclear Energy Crucial to Future of U.S. Energy Policy”, “Thorium” and Ian Schultz’s article for my sources for essay two. All of the previously mentioned sources are reliable and focus on the points and counterarguments I need for my

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