Nuclear Energy Cost Essay

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Nuclear power comprises 20% of the world’s energy production. No other form of energy production runs the risk of being taken over by terrorists, or exploding and killing millions of people within a 50 mile radius (Nuclear Power Plants). The United States has 121 government sanctioned nuclear energy power plants in its borders that each cost extreme amounts to build and run. With the U.S. being nearly twenty trillion dollars in debt, it would be wise to stop all further development of nuclear energy.
The process of harvesting uranium is harmful to the environment as an energy source. When uranium is mined radioactivity is released into the environment. People can ingest the uranium, inhale it via dust, or come into direct contact with it.
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Nuclear reactors cost billions of dollars to build. One author wrote that, “The current theoretical overnight cost of constructing a nuclear power plant is about 2 to 2.5 billion dollars for a plant with two conventional reactors and generating about 2 gigawatts – a nominally sized plant (What Does It Cost to Build a Nuclear Plant? What Could It Cost?).” While it’s somewhat true that the cost of running a nuclear plant is cheap, only after construction is completed and yearly licenses are paid for is that statement really true. “However, when capital costs of nuclear energy is examined, it becomes apparent that current policies are far from generous to any potential plant construction,” says one author (What Does It Cost to Build a Nuclear Plant? What Could It Cost?). With that in mind, it’s not wise or ultimately profitable for the government to continue investing in nuclear power as a viable energy source.
Another cost related to nuclear energy is uranium importation. PSR wrote that “assertions that nuclear power can lead us to energy independence are incorrect. In 2007, more than 90% of the uranium used in nuclear power reactors was imported.” Uranium currently is estimated to cost about 50 dollars per pound, not including transportation costs and mining fees. Multiply that number by several thousand pounds and the cost and dependence on foreign countries is

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