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  • Wto And WTO: Economic Foundations Of International Trade

    WTO AND ANTI-DUMPING Economic Foundations of International Trade in the Context of WTO As an international body dealing with the global rules of trade between nations, World Trade Organisation (WTO) still finds relevance in shaping the economic performance of nations. Its main function is to ensure smooth and predictable trade flows, with a level playing field for all its members. The aim of WTO is to place the needs and interests of developing and transitioning economies at the core of its work programme. Since 1995 when it incepted, there have been optimistic news of expanding WTO membership that emphasises that freer trade generates numerous benefits for consumers. In the newspapers report, there have been details of WTO entering negotiations for important countries like China, which portray the gains from trade. However, some groups seem unconvinced by and resentful of claims that free trade, as enshrined in the WTO mandate, makes the entire world better off. Large numbers of people from environmental and labor groups at various international meetings to protest globalization in general and the WTO in particular. All these can therefore lead into unveiling what constitutes WTO, examining why the organization exists, and the economic fundamental underpinnings of its accomplishments. Currently, the WTO consists of more than 150 countries and…

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  • The Impact Of International Trade And Economic Integration Of Business Cycles

    Epistemology: What is the sole impact of these recent developments on merging of business cycles across countries? The answer to this question has been thoroughly plotted as an attempt to solve the globalization puzzle. A systematic examination has been done as though how the impact of international trade and financial integration has greatly influenced the international cycle of business comovements. To be specific, an analysis of patterns of precise correlations was made for industrial and…

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  • Economic And Cultural Factors Of International Migration

    International migration is a process wherein people leave their country for another one for a variety of reasons, such as economic and cultural factors. As of 2017, there were 258 million people living in a country other than their country of birth, or 3.4% of the world’s population (UN 2017). Asia, Latin America, and Africa have high numbers of emigrants and low numbers of immigrants, while in North America, Europe, and Oceania, it is the opposite (Rubenstein 85). Several governments in the…

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  • The Impacts Of Exchange Rate Volatility

    for both policy makers and academics. The adaption of floating exchange rates regime by several countries and the subsequent occurrences of recurrent exchange rate volatilities around several economies called for a thorough investigation on the impacts of exchange rate volatility on trade, investment and on other macro-economic variables. For example, after countries started embracing the new floating exchanges regime, real and nominal exchange rates were suffered periods of substantial…

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  • Private Sector In Kenya Case Study

    One of the partnerships “has helped to make the country’s airline one of the top three carriers in SubSaharan Africa. Jomo Kenyatta International.’ Hence, Kenya became one of the largest international hubs in the area and one of the most easily accessible geographical locations in the East African landscape. The formation and development of road systems funding makes FDI into Kenya a very attractive endeavor. According to Micahel Kamau, Kenya’s Minister of Transport, the government is going to…

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  • Mitttal Steel Case Study

    Growth of Mittal Steel Edwin Romero Ashford University BUS616 International Business Dr. Johnny Vanneste November 10, 2014 Abstract In today’s world for a company to be able to grow and compete on a level higher than its competitor’s it must eventually seek to move outward into new markets. This growth will not only assist the company in its need for expansion but it can also be beneficial to the local communities the organization moves into by providing jobs and other economical…

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  • Importance Of Fdi In India

    NEED FOR FDI IN INDIA As India is a developing country, capital has been one of the scarce resources that are usually required for economic development. The flow of FDI in India from across the world will help in acquiring the funds at cheaper cost, better technology, employment generation, and upgraded technology transfer, scope for more trade, linkages and spillovers to domestic firms. The following arguments are advanced in favour of foreign capital  Sustaining a high level of investment …

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  • Foreign Currency Hedging Case Study

    exposure; the volatility of share price also positively related to exposures of foreign currency risk. The foreign exchange rate movements can have strong impact on the firm’s performance as it will affect the expected cash flows of a company, therefore make it exposes to foreign currency risks. The translation exposure, transaction exposure and economic exposure all have impacts on the management and firm value. There are many existing western studies research about the impact of foreign…

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  • The Foreign Exchange Market In The South African Economy

    insurance. Aside from those industries, there is no governmental approval needed for FDI. Despite this entryway for investing in the country, it is perceived that the government may not be able to handle some of the issues that arise from FDI and merges and acquisitions. To support FDI in South Africa, the government has implemented several tax policies and incentive programs including: 12i Tax Incentives, Manufacturing Investment Program, Film and Television Production Rebate Scheme,…

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  • Disadvantages Of Baskin Essay

    The political system influences economic policy. Investors may be threatened suddenly. Differences Cultural between countries may diverge. The product should be suitable for local needs. And investors need to spend more money to establish a good business relationships in order to sell more products and get more profits. (Buzzle, 2016). (c) Evaluate Baskin 's investment in two places Abstract This paper evaluates the potential risks of Baskin 's investment in two countries and analyzes the impact…

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